Watchmen: How Rorschach Carries the Nite Owl Legacy

Although absent in many modern Watchmen stories, Nite Owl’s legacy seems to endure thanks to Rorschach.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Rorschach # 5 by Tom King, Jorge Fornés, Dave Stewart and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Rorschach is a sequel to the original Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins. The book takes place in the present, decades after the events of its predecessor, and follows an anonymous investigator as he tries to unravel a mystery involving Rorschach’s return. An old man named Wil Myerson donned the Rorschach costume and, along with his partner The Kid, attempted to kill Presidential candidate Turley. They both died trying, and now the investigator has to find out who they were and what exactly happened that fateful day.

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Rorschach It continues the legacy of its title character not only through the character’s resurgence, but also through its themes. But he may not be the only character the Black Label series tries to honor, as number 5 hints that Rorschach it also carries the legacy of Nite Owl.

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While the main Rorschach mystery centers on the vigilante’s confusing return and the circumstances of his death, there is another that is much more subtle and involves the main character of the Black Label series. From the beginning of Rorschach, we have followed the inquiries of the investigator, a character who has not yet been named, five issues of the series. This investigator is taking you where the evidence leads, and so far, he has already uncovered the identities of Rorschach and the Child, unearthed the origin of Laura Cummings, and discovered that she may be the true villain of this entire story.

Throughout all his discoveries, the researcher remains a stoic figure. He’s trapped in this darkness, but he doesn’t seem to let it get to him. Better yet, in Rorschach # 5, we get a better idea of ​​his personality when he has an exchange with Governor Turley security. He shows that he is not moved by men who are bigger and more powerful than he. He has the moral authority and therefore has the power. It’s a challenge, and it seems like you’re not above fighting physically, should the situation arise. And the case is the same when the investigator meets Turley. The Governor is revealed to be a devious politician who idolizes the Comedian, making him unsettling and potentially dangerous. It is by seeing the investigator react to his discoveries and by seeing him stand his ground in the face of such disturbing developments that the character reveals himself as potentially the true hero of this story and it is through him that the Nite Owl legacy could continue. alive.

In Rorschach # 5, before the investigator visits Governor Turley, he meets with his chief of staff at the bar. There the investigator is informed that Turley has called him so that he can be aware of the investigation of his attempted murder. But most intriguing of all is that the bar where the investigator and the chief of staff meet is called “Hollis Pub.”

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Before Watchmen Nite Owl

At first glance, that might not mean much. However, this is actually a reference to the original Watchmen. Hollis Mason was the first Nite Owl in the Watchmen universe, until Dan Dreiberg became his successor and dressed as the second Nite Owl, a superhero who would become as close a partner as Rorschach.

Now, it may not be by chance that the researcher bears a passing resemblance to Dan Dreiberg. In fact, in a series set in 2021, his haircut appears to be a throwback to the 80s. Interestingly, the character does not yet have a name and if that name is ever revealed, it will be a name that has a special meaning for him. Watchmen myths? But even if the character is not a descendant of Nite Owls, only he seems to represent what could be described as a reliable hero. Watchmen It was a deconstruction of the superhero mythology, and Dan Dreiberg was the closest thing to the comic that an honest superhero got to be. The investigator, in his determination, could represent that. He may not be Nite Owl, but he’s as close to a partner as Rorschach, or the very idea of ​​him, has it now.

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