Where can I watch the second season of The Quintessential Quintuplets? & 9 Other Questions About Anime Answered

With this newly released series, there are tons of questions that many may have about anime. Those questions, and more, will be answered below.

New one anime that many fans have been clamoring for lately is The quintessential quintuplets. This anime adaptation of the 2017 manga of the same name launched in 2019 and ended its 12-episode run in the same year, with a season two being confirmed shortly thereafter.

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That new season started airing this year and fans are eager to see where the series is going and what kinds of curves it will feature this time. With this series just released, there are tons of questions that many may have about the series. This list should be able to give you some answers that can bring even more excitement for this continuation of the series.

10 Where to look The show can be seen on Crunchyroll

the quintessential quintuplets crunchyroll

The quintessential quintuplets The second season began airing last month in January along with many installments of various other anime. The series airs regularly on the popular and leading anime streaming site that everyone is familiar with, Crunchyroll.

The series was licensed by Funimation and Crunchyroll under a partnership that shows where it airs on a consistent schedule. This gives fans a lot to look forward to, and of course a reliable place to stream the episodes for anyone who needs to catch up on the new season.

9 How to look early? Viewers can get Crunchyroll premium membership and watch episodes earlier

the quintessential first quintuplets

For those who just can’t wait for the free launch time for users of The quintessential quintuplets episodes, there is the Crunchyroll premium user subscription. This subscription comes with many perks to make the Crunchyroll experience even more great and even allows anime fans to watch The quintessential quintuplets season two episodes earlier.

As seen with the release schedule, those with premium Crunchyroll will be able to watch episode premieres a week earlier than those who watch through free accounts. It’s definitely worth the price of admission, especially when other perks are taken into account.

8 The series launch had to be delayed due to Covid-19

the quintessential stunting of quintuplets

Many fans wondered why the second season of the series did not release for a whole year, but the answer is pretty obvious. The COVID-19 pandemic left many obstacles for media companies to overcome and that includes the anime industry in Japan.

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Many production studios had to pause and plan ways to deal with the pandemic and that meant having to delay the release of The quintessential quintuplets season two through this year, 2021. Fortunately, the quality of the show made the wait worthwhile, which wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place, as the safety of those creating the anime is more important.

7 Bilbury Animation Studios (a new animation studio) is at the helm

the quintessential quintuplet new animation

While Tezuka Productions was the animation studio behind The quintessential quintuplets For the entirety of the first season and did a great job with the show, a new anime studio has taken over.

The quintessential quintuplets The second season is being animated by Bibury Animation Studios. Bibury is a fairly young animation company that doesn’t have much in its portfolio. In fact, the only other anime they have animated is Azur Lane: The Animation. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about, as fans of the series have praised the series’ new animation for being great so far.

6 The second season will have 12 episodes

the quintessential quintuplets s2

The quintessential quintuplets the first season had a lot of material and covered a good part of the manga. Fortunately, season two seems to follow suit and will definitely have a good amount of story for fans to digest as well.

The second season of the anime has been confirmed to feature 12 episodes just like the previous season, a standard number of episodes for an anime season.

5 The first season was dubbed into English

the quintessential quintuplets dubbing

As stated above, Funimation is dual licensed with Crunchyroll for localization of The quintessential quintuplets Serie. This, of course, means that there is indeed an English dub for the first season of the anime.

While Crunchyroll only provides fans with streams for the subtitled version of the series, the Funimation site features an English dubbed version for anyone interested.

4 A dub for season two is coming

the quintessential quintuplets s2 dub

Like the first season, The quintessential quintuplets The second season will receive an English dub from Funimation.

In December it was announced that the company would return to dubbing. While there are no English-language episodes of the second season available yet, it is certain that they will be available shortly after their subtitled counterparts air.

3 The new season will cover much of the manga

the quintessential new quintuplets

With the manga of The quintessential quintuplets ending with volume 14, it is clear that the new season will have to cover a good part.

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The second season of the series’ 12 episodes will cover five volumes of material from the series and the third season will likely end with the final chapters.

two The anime omits some material

the quintessential quintuplets anime

For anyone who wants the full experience of The quintessential quintuplets, manga may be the preferred experience.

While the anime is a great adaptation, it skips quite a few scenes. Anyone who wants to witness them may want to go and read that and then go to anime for animation and great voice work.

1 The manga ended in August 2020

the quintessential quintuplets spoilers

As of August 2020, the manga version of The quintessential quintuplets is over.

This means that there are many details of the series in nature. Many fans who only follow the anime may want to be careful about spoilers for the manga and may even want to go read the manga for the rest of the trip if they can’t wait for the anime.

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