Wolverine reveals why he didn’t trust Cyclops when they first met

A throwaway phrase in Ben Percy and Andy Kubert in Wolverine # 9 sheds light on Wolverine’s immediate and persistent animosity towards Cyclops.

Glutton Y Cyclops They have one of the longest and most tumultuous relationships in the Marvel Universe, and readers finally have an answer regarding the former’s animosity toward his taller, significantly less hairy counterpart. The pair have been exchanging verbal, and sometimes physical, blows for years, beginning when Logan joined the X-Men in Giant size X-Men # 1. Their ever-changing friendship / rivalry developed further over the years, with the love triangle between the two men and Jean Gray forming the crux of their mutual disdain.

The rivalry between Logan and Scott came to a head during the Schism Story arc that saw Wolverine and several other mutants abandon the X-Men in favor of forming their own school. Beginning with the pair arguing over ideological differences (Logan was sickened by Scott’s willingness to lead the young mutants into combat), the story turned into a brutal physical confrontation.

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Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert Wolverine # 9 poignant delves into the roots of Wolverine’s initial dislike for Cyclops with a single disposable line. The issue sees Logan infiltrate a black market auction that sells items tied to superpower history like the original Captain America mask and Wolverine’s Team X partner and close friend Maverick. An infographic at the end of the issue contains a particularly revealing quote Logan made about Maverick that will sound familiar to anyone who has read an X-Men comic that features Wolverine and Cyclops on the team.

Wolverine Cyclops First Encounter

Wolverine’s hatred of so-called “pretty boys” has prevailed long before he met Cyclops. This quote about Maverick is proof enough. Logan has had negative experiences with tall, handsome leaders; When you’ve been around as long as he has, you would have to at some point. He may be the coolest man in the Marvel Universe, but even Wolverine can be insecure. He combines his natural disdain for authority figures with a handsome boy next door like Cyclops, and Logan’s constant nagging with his teammate makes a lot more sense. Of course, Scott has given Wolverine and others many reasons to hate him before.

While Logan and Scott have had their ups and downs, things seem to be better now. The founding of the mutant nation of Krakoa has been like cleaning the slate for the most hated and feared people in Marvel. That includes the dispute between Glutton Y Cyclops. The two have sorted things out and are finally getting along. As if they were getting along very, very well. And if these two can let go of the past, anyone can. Here’s to CyClaws, Marvel’s hottest new couple!

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