The Fastball Special has been a fan favorite technique for years, and Wolverine doesn’t lose the same appreciation for the move.

WARNING: The following contains major Avengers # 42 spoilers from Jason Aaron, Luca Maresca, David Curlel, VC’s Cory Petit, and Carlos Lao, on sale now.

Being one of Marvel’s top superheroes comes with exposure to many different styles and tactics. Being a part of various top-tier superhero teams only serves to further expand someone’s capabilities, and there may not be a more capable hero than Wolverine. Along with the rest of the most powerful heroes on Earth, Wolverine finds himself locked in battle with his closest allies, all at the behest of the Phoenix Force so that he can find a suitable host in our world. While everyone vies for the power that comes with the cosmic entity’s dwelling, Wolverine has been practicing most of his career just right now.

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One of the most iconic stunts in the entire history of the X-Men as a team is hands down the Fastball Special. The classic movement is one of the earliest examples of “Mutant Technology”, or the combination of particular powers that have a unique and powerful synergy with each other. While that may sound very technical, all that really comes down in this case is a really strong person pitching a really sharp person. Not only did Wolverine and Colossus create the move, they popularized it for readers and fellow comic book characters alike, as evidenced by the almost ridiculous number of times other heroes across the Marvel Universe have employed the Fastball Special.

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During the trials that the Phoenix has forced the Avengers through, Logan’s thoughts are understandably focused on the possibilities that lie ahead. As he runs through the woods on the outskirts of Chernobyl, burning vampires crawling through the trees with the power of the Phoenix Force, Logan considers all the people he has seen fall victim to the Phoenix and its whims. He feels like he’s done watching others burn with the Phoenix, where he would otherwise shrug from the wound, but he understands how much everyone else wants that power as well. As he says to himself before launching into battle against the Black Panther, “Is there no one who doesn’t want to fly? Why do you think I always have Colossus throwing me around?”

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As funny as the thought is, there is a lot of truth behind it. The lust for power is something that exists in almost everyone, and as powerful as Wolverine is, there are some things he simply cannot do, namely fly. Being thrown through the air at a couple hundred miles per hour is probably a decent substitute, and you can’t argue with the effectiveness of a good Fastball special, no matter who joined for it, but flying really is a power. that no one in their right mind would ever reject. If things go the way Logan wants, he won’t need any help in that department for quite some time. On the other hand, he might end up dodging some himself, considering how the Phoenix tends to treat its hosts.

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