X-Men: Wolverine just discovered the Mutant Nation’s biggest problem

While following a leader, Wolverine of the X-Men stumbles upon the mutant nation of Krakoa’s last blind spot and possible security risk.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Wolverine # 9

The premise of the recent X-Men relaunch revolves around the island of Krakoa. Seemingly a paradise, the island functions as a safe haven for all manner of mutants. However, it might not be as safe as everyone had assumed. While on a mission to find a former teammate, Glutton learn everything X Men have built in Krakoa is in danger. Keeping the mutants on the island safe is a complex job.

Joining together as one has made mutants more powerful than ever, yet it has also drawn a daunting target on their back. the the mutant society is growing along with your needs, and the need to secure the island has always been a priority. Powers of X # 4 revealed the Krakoan Systems foundation. The gate transit would be monitored by Sage, with Black Tom Cassidy in charge of observing the island and Beast in charge of data analysis. The collective goal is to make sure there are only mutants on Krakoa. However, those defenses were subverted in X-Force # 1, when Reavers avoided detection by using skin grafts stolen from Domino, launching themselves from the air to the island and killing mutants, including Charles Xavier. The deployment of X-Force as a black ops unit was reactive, not proactive. To prevent humans from invading, mutants must anticipate threats.

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While trying to investigate a possible international human-mutant incident, Wolverine stumbled upon his former teammate Maverick, being auctioned off as a mind-erased weapon to the highest bidder. In Wolverine # 9 By writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert, the auctioneer specifically points out Maverick’s greatest value as he is a mutant and therefore offers access to Krakoa. The idea of ​​clearing a mutant’s mind and sending it through a gate, or into the nation by other means, to do harm is a terrifying concept if the mutants aren’t ready for it. And as a nation, Krakoa has been taken by surprise repeatedly in its young history.

In addition to the Reavers’ murderous raid, other groups have also posed threats to the security of the mutant nation. In X-Men # 3Hordeculture, a group of radical botanists, hacked into the flowers that create the Krakoan gates and accessed them semi-freely. Homines Verendi is an anti-mutant scion of the Hellfire Club, and they arranged for Pyro to be injected with a miniature submarine that contained the shrunken supervillain, Yellowjacket. Yellowjacket spied on Verendi’s behalf until Emma Frost discovered the intruder on the pages of Marauders. Even Deadpool # 6 saw King Deadpool use Jelby, one of his monstrous subjects with the mutant gene, to get through a door. As vigilant as mutants are, there are those who will stop at nothing to undermine them and will put in endless attempts to penetrate Krakoa’s defenses. Wolverine learns that some looking to send brainwashed mutants to Krakoa is a major threat that must be addressed before it becomes a major problem.

Krakoa mutants are at a potential disadvantage since precognitive mutants like Destiny are not allowed. Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Moira McTaggart are trying to keep a secret that Moira’s resurrections have shown her that the dream of mutant society will fail. That worry comes close to being realized every time the X Men you cannot stop a threat before it arises. One look at Genosha is all the necessary reminder that mutant nations have fallen before.

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