Zero Hour: 10 New Characters That Debut In DC’s Crisis In Time

From 1994 Zero hour: crisis in time resulted in a series of temporary anomalies throughout the DC universe. This led to the introduction of some new characters who appeared in related themes and in the main series. These followed Hal Jordan / Parallax’s attempt to restart the DC timeline and undo the various tragedies experienced by the heroes using stolen chronic energy.

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The timeline-altering DC event not only introduced new characters and equipment that emerged from Zero hour, but the new timeline also featured quite a few established heroes who were adopted by new characters. Other characters like Guy Gardner were restructured to fit the new timeline, although not many of these new additions can be found in the current DC universe.

10 Alpha Centurion

One of the temporary riots occurred in Metropolis, when Superman found himself in a world without Superman who had found another powerful hero in the form of Alpha Centurion, who first appeared in the pages of Zero hour.

Alpha Centurian was an ancient Roman warrior who had been taken over by an alien race, trained and equipped with their powerful armor and weapons before returning years later to become the hero of his Metropolis. This version of Alpha Centurion was erased during Zero hour, although later a new major version appeared.

9 Primordial force


The Leymen were an ancient order of mystical characters who formed to protect Earth, although most of their members were killed by Extant during Zero hour so they couldn’t interfere with the pending timeline restart.

Doctor Mist (as Maltis) was the former leader of the Global Guardians who was tasked with forming a new group of Leymen as their Primal Force. The group included Red Tornado, Jack O’Lantern, Claw, Meridian, the second Black Condor, Willpower, and a Golem, though they disbanded shortly after forming.

8 Jack Caballero / Starman

Starman Jack Knight

Starman was originally a member of the Justice Society of America, who played an important role in Zero hour as they were brought back from their eternal battle in Ragnarok and reintegrated into DC’s main timeline.

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Unfortunately, that resulted in the rapid aging of several characters, including Starman, who passed his powerful Cosmic Wand to his eldest son David, although it was his youngest son, Jack, who eventually inherited the role and became one of the more characters. popular DC. which helped bring about the return of the JSA.

7 Hawkgod


Hawkman’s already confusing continuity got a little worse during the events of Zero hour, which attempted to clean up the various versions of the character that had appeared before and after the first Crisis merging the Carter Hall / Katar Hol versions of the character with Hawkwoman.

This created an entirely new version of Hawkman that had real wings and was part hawk while also containing memories of the Carter and Katar versions of the character. This version was eventually revealed to be an avatar of a Thanagarian Hawkgod, though that didn’t really help clear things up and Hawkman was missing for a few years.

6 Jared Stevens / Destiny

Doctor Fate was another victim of DC’s removal from the JSA from active duty following the events of Zero hour, which resulted in the end again of Nabu’s former hosts being separated from the mystical helmet, cloak, and amulet that empowered Doctor Fate.

Jared Stevens was a smuggler hired to collect the mystical artifacts, though he joined them after they were smashed in battle. Stevens became the new Destiny and was a snapshot of character designs in the ’90s, though he only lasted two failed series before he was killed in JSA to bring about the return of Doctor Fate.

5 Xenobrood


DC launched some new series following the Zero hour event that was teased during “Month Zero” in which all titles were given a zero number to help rearrange things if necessary, after the timeline reset. Xenobrood it debuted during “Month Zero” in its own short-lived title that followed an archaeologist’s discovery of a mysterious alien artifact that contained four crystals.

Those crystals were lifeforms created by ancient aliens during the Sumerian era as metagen-enhanced workers who were basically geniuses upgraded into a lamp called Zapatak, Blip, Thrasher, and Astra. Xenobrood it was canceled after seven issues and fortunately was never seen again.

4 Triumph

Zero hourThe temporal anomalies brought about the “return” of the hero known as Triumph, who revealed that he had been the founder of the Justice League of America, who sacrificed himself during his first mission against an invading race of aliens.

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Triumph used its control over the electromagnetic spectrum to supercharge the alien weapon that opened a rift in time, trapping Triumph out of the time stream that was corrected and removed all memory of the hero. Triumph struggled with his unknown status as a member of the Justice League Task Force, though he eventually died as a League villain.

3 Chase Lawler / Manhunter

ZERO HOUR CHARACTERS - Chase Lawler Manhunter

A remake of DC’s Manhunter that seemed to have nothing to do with the inherited hero or the robotic creations of the Guardians, as musician Chase Lawler was granted enhanced abilities and limited control of the air after he made a deal with a old universal summary known as The Wild Huntsman to save his girlfriend from dubious record executives.

Manhunter attempted to use the Wild Huntsman’s curse against the villains in Star City, although he lost his abilities and the series was canceled. However, he was killed by a previous Manhunter named Mark Shaw and it was revealed that his origins were actually a hallucinatory by-product of the nanites injected into him by the Manhunter Cult, which basically denied his entire series.

two Existing


Extant was the result of a long history that began with 2001 Armageddon Failed introduction of the mysterious Monarch that led to a hastily changed reveal of Hank Hall / Hawk as the despotic villain of the future. Monarch unleashed his partner Dove’s additional chronic abilities and power of death to transform himself into a new Extant villain.

He began to organize an army of time-displaced heroes and villains to eliminate any threats to his plans to destroy time so that Parallax could rebuild it during Zero hour. Extant survived Crisis in time though he was later hunted down by the JSA and erased from the timeline after his death, which also served to redeem Hank Hall after the character’s mistreatment.

1 Bart Allen / Impulse

Impulse Bart Allen

Although Bart Allen / Impulse first appeared on the pages of The flash a little before the launch of Zero hour, his arrival from the future and the first moments of the present were spent fighting alongside the heroes of DC during the Zero hour event while trying to locate the Flash.

Impulse first traveled to the past so Wally West could help heal his accelerated aging with the Speed ​​Force, though he stayed to train and eventually took on new roles as Kid Flash and Flash before finally returning as Impulse during the Renaissance DC era, making Impulse the longest-lasting addition to Zero hour.

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