Pawnee seems to have no shortage of terrible people. Known for its history of exaggerated racism, sexism, and dirty local industries, the busy city of Indiana is littered with rotten eggs that often come face to face with the Parks and recreation gang.

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By offering many of the show’s core conflicts, locals like these seem to persuade Leslie Knope to further improve conditions in their town, making it all the more frustrating when they repeatedly reject her out of selfishness and convenience.

10 Gretel

Gretel in Parks and Recreation

Gretel often attends town hall meetings to complain about something completely random. Regardless of the kindness shown to her, she can never be pleased. She quizzes people on anything as small as why a sandwich she found in a park doesn’t have mayo or that her house has too many slugs on it.

When Leslie takes off the slugs as a kind gesture, Gretel yells at Leslie because, for whatever reason, she only wanted some of the slugs. While many of the town hall meetings are full of angry people trying to understand the chants and stuff, Gretel stands out as one of the meanest and most disoriented people.

9 Derek

Derek and Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation

When she participates in a focus group that says she would not give Leslie a vote for City Council without much reason, she responds by trying to earn it through a game of bowling. Throughout the game, he makes misogynistic comments and tries to get Ben to bring him beers.

Derek loses the game and takes it very badly. Leslie wins and tells him she had fun playing against him as an opponent. Derek responds by calling her a bitch, earning him a punch to Ben’s face.

8 Marcia langman

Marcia Langman in Parks and Recreation

Marica, one of the most irritating characters whose voice can cause nausea, is a conservative “activist” for the Society for Family Stability Foundation.

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His outspoken nature coupled with his mission to enforce an oppressive Christian lifestyle results in some painful disputes. She protested Gay Penguins, a self-assertive painting depicting Leslie topless, and sex ed for seniors.

7 Fielding milton

Fielding Milton in Parks and Recreation

Although he is senile and does not seem capable of doing much harm to anyone, Milton is an avid sexist and racist.

He has a long history of sexual harassment of his co-workers, an example is when he tries to kiss Leslie by bribery. He also supports the return from the internment camps.

6 Bill dexhart

Bill Dexhart in Parks and Recreation

The goofy, slimy councilman is known for his many sex scandals (and many boys as a result). Always cheating on his wives, Dexhart is one of the best examples of political corruption.

Bill Dexhart isn’t really of much practical use at all, he uses his position of power solely for his own benefits, attention, and to take advantage of women. A figurehead in some way admired, he always announces without remorse that he does not plan to quit whenever he is found guilty of a strange or tortuous sexual act.

5 Dennis Feinstein

Dennis Feinstein in Parks and Recreation

Formerly Dante Fiero, we see the flashy perfume and cologne maker repeatedly teasing people in nefarious ways and abusing his assistant Eddie. He’s sexist, rude, takes drugs and hunts foxes, and pretends to care about charity.

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He’s a guy who seems to feed off of being one of the most hated people in Pawnee, literally yelling “I feed on your hate” before throwing “wet dog cologne” at them. Since he is a rich, wild and unpredictable businessman, he can get away with anything he wants.

4 Katheryn pinewood

Kathryn Pinewood in Parks and Recreation

The canny associate of businesses as shady as Paunch Burger and Sweetums Factory, Katheryn is one of Leslie’s most powerful archenemies.

She was a lead organizer in the retreat against Leslie, advocated for unethical health practices at restaurant chains, and has the ability to stage protests and riots at will using the lack of knowledge of average Pawnee citizens. Katheryn could be the definition of evil.

3 Jeremy jamm

Jeremy Jamm in Parks and Recreation

The most annoying person in Parks and recreationJamm has no limits when it comes to serving his ego, especially when it comes to shutting down whatever Leslie tries to do for Pawnee’s sake. He is always tricking her into failing or interrupting her efforts with his selfishness. In one case, he even broke into the middle of Leslie’s wedding drunk and threw a stink bomb.

Essentially, he goes out of his way to torment and upset everyone he comes across. A successful orthodontist and board member of the council, Jamm tries to make up for his divorced life of loneliness by taking it out on others. His catchphrase is “You just got stuck,” which he repeats religiously to everyone’s chagrin.

two Tammy ii

Tammy II and Ron Swanon in Parks and Recreation

This violent and vengeful second ex-wife often manipulates Ron into giving her whatever she wants using seduction, repeatedly turning Ron into an empty and submissive state.

One of the many selfish librarians, Tammy II, has been caught exposing herself in public and starting physical fights. He even chases Leslie with an ax and then tries to kiss her. The unstable temptress has enough charm to seduce and terrify.

1 Tammy me

Tammy I and Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation

Earning her reputation as a manipulative teacher, Ron Swanson’s creepy first ex-wife scares even the likes of the psychotic Tammy II. The first time we see Tammy I appear on the show, she shakes Ron so badly that he literally starts shaking.

Having helped him give birth as a child and prepared him for a relationship when he was fifteen, the IRS agent does not hesitate to ruin people’s lives. Upon his return, Ron is psychologically affected to the point of acting completely opposite to him. The situation is so bad that Leslie asks Tammy II for help.

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