the Pokemon Y Naruto Multimedia franchises can feature different protagonists, worlds, and more, but both affected the childhoods of many fans. Whether people enjoyed the adventures of Ash and his friend or Naruto’s quest to save Sasuke from darkness, many people still discuss their memories of both.

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On that note, crossovers have become the talk of the town lately when it comes to all forms of media. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine fans discussing funny ideas about Pokemon Y Naruto. Who would Sasuke want on his team and who would he avoid at all costs?

10 I would like: Chandelure because Sasuke will make use of his hypnotic and fire abilities

CHandelure is looking at something

Although Chandelure isn’t one of the best anime characters with fire powers, Sasuke wouldn’t turn a blind eye to this fire and ghost type Pokémon. Chandelure is known to be a deadly creature in the Pokemon world, which has the ability to hypnotize enemies and absorb the spiritual energy of its enemies.

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Chandelure’s usefulness to Sasuke in combat doesn’t stop there, as the Pokémon also has some special abilities. Additionally, if Sasuke uses one of his iconic fire-style jutsus on Chandelure, Sasuke could increase Chandelure’s firepower whenever he’s in dire straits.

9 Wouldn’t: Rattata because of his cowardly instincts

A group of Rattata is sleeping.

A normal-type Pokémon that would rival the biggest cowards in action anime is Rattata. Despite having fangs that could harm most Pokémon, his shaky instincts won’t fly well with Sasuke. Also, the size and powers of the Pokémon wouldn’t be helpful to Sasuke either.

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Also, bulbapedia states that Rattata loves to bond with other Rattata and they often run away with the slightest noise. Considering the type of person Sasuke is, he wouldn’t want to catch two Rattatas to appease his own.

8 I would like to: Electivire due to its electrical powers and abilities

Electivire is fighting someone

Although Electivire may not rival the best anime characters with electrical powers, it can become a useful Pokémon for Sasuke. According to bulbapedia, Electivire can produce up to 20,000 volts through the tips of its tails to surprise opponents and is known to have the best electrical output of all Pokémon of the same type.

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However, Electivire’s Pokémon Motor Drive ability will be useful for Sasuke’s needs, as he can use one of his lightning jutsus to increase Electivire’s speed ten times.

7 I would not: Muk because they can make anyone sick if they come into contact with him

Muk is waiting for something

Muk would not only be a Kanto Region Pokémon that people wouldn’t want to exist in the real world, but it’s also a Pokémon that Sasuke wouldn’t want on his team. According to bulbapedia, Muk generates serious toxins that can make people feel sick and are rejected by humans in the Pokemon world because of his dislike for creatures.

As someone who likes to explore the many regions of the ninja world, Sasuke wouldn’t want to have a Pokémon around that would make him sick, especially if he’s in the middle of nowhere.

6 Would like to: Cubone because of his sad past and hidden potential

Cubone seems depressed

Even though Cubone has one of the saddest Pokedex entries in Pokémon games, Sasuke would want this creature with bones on his team. Cubone species tend to be solitary and cry a lot at the loss of their mothers. Although fans may think that Sasuke will turn a blind eye to Cubone’s misery, he may sympathize with Cubone due to the similar life he had regarding the death of his clan.

According to bulbapedia, Cubone also grows stronger the more they wallow in grief over the death of their mothers and evolve into Marowack when their sadness wears off. Considering Sasuke’s character and painful history, Cubone could be a great companion.

5 Wouldn’t like: Garbodor because his toxic behavior might be too much to handle

Garbodor is angry

Garbodor is one of the nastiest Pokémon whose evil stench would be too much for anyone, including Sasuke. Despite having an instant death maneuver due to his writing, Sasuke would not want this creature to be around his family or himself.

According to bulbapedia, Garbodor tends to spew nasty gas from his mouths at enemies, giving Sasuke reason to avoid wanting one. On the other hand, the Garbodor species prefers to live in smelly places, something Sasuke would not want to accommodate as he could waste his time. Therefore, Sasuke would turn a blind eye.

4 I would like: Talonflame because they are great allies and messengers

Talonflame is in heaven

Despite Talonflame not being among the strongest pets and animal companions in anime, Sasuke would make great use of his fire and flying feats. Talonflame species waste no time hunting for food and, according to bulbapedia, make sure their prey doesn’t have time to escape.

Coupled with Sasuke’s enthusiasm for traveling at a fast pace, Talonflame’s attitude would help him speed up travel. Bulbapedia notes that Talonflame can travel at intense speeds and his fireproof wings are useful to Sasuke if he’s fighting a ninja with fire-style jutsus. Not only that, but Talonflame can make an excellent messenger bird if Sasuke ever wanted to update Naruto on his findings when he is many feet away.

3 I would not like to: sob because they are known to cry a lot and run away

Sobble is looking at something

Sobble may be a Galar Region Pokémon that many wouldn’t mind existing in the real world, but it is not a Pokémon Sasuke would want to accompany on his travels. Despite having tears that can make people cry along with him and his ability to disguise himself in water, Sasuke is not the type of person who would like to have a creature that would portray him as a weak person.

Additionally, bulbapedia notes that Sobble tends to run away after using his ability to cry, which again is another sign of weakness that Sasuke does not approve of most of the time.

two Would like: Hydreigon due to its intimidating appearance and strength

Hydreigon is ready for battle

Hydreigon’s fearsome appearance and sheer fighting power will convince Sasuke to want one on his team. According to bulbapedia, Hydreigon is a fierce and violent creature in the Pokemon world and will attack anything it feels is an enemy in its eyes.

Although this may seem like a terrible Pokémon, Sasuke is known for putting the people he trains in their place and will have no problem showing his Hyreigon who’s in charge. With strong dragon-like moves like Draco Meteor and others at his disposal, Sasuke would catch one of these beasts without hesitation.

1 Wouldn’t like to: Bidoof because of his food and social needs

A herd of bidoof

Although the Bidoof species will not be anxious about danger, Sasuke will find no use for Bidoof on his team. The Bidoof species, among several other normal-type Pokémon like Snorlax, enjoy nibbling trees and being close to their kind before they conflict.

Having to stop every now and then for Bidoof to enjoy his woody meal can disrupt Sasuke’s journey and his time. Bidoof species don’t just love being around other Bidoofs for mating and social purposes. Considering the person Sasuke is and the missions he sometimes endures, Bidoof would only cause trouble for Sasuke and nothing else.

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