90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 days, the star Cortney revealed secrets from her time on the show and said that in the dinner scene she was “wrecked.”

Cortney Reardanz the 90 day fiancé star appeared in season 1 on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days to meet Antonio Millano, a Spanish man she had hooked up with on an online dating app. Recently in 90 days naked all, She revealed that during the dinner scene where she was incredibly rude, she was also incredibly “placed.”

When Cortney flew to Spain, he expected to find love in the arms of Antonio Millano, but their connection was not there. The language barrier was a problem and Cortney seemed more interested in the relationship than he was. She tried to get him to be exclusive with her, but viewers could feel the second-hand shame and could see that he wasn’t interested in her like she was with him. They later broke up and she began dating Andy Kuntz when she appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Quarantined, but they also parted ways.

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Now, she has been interviewed by Shaun Robinson. Y He highlighted the very embarrassing scene when Cortney cursed and was upset that the restaurant did not prepare chicken. In the video, Cortney can be seen completely embarrassed by her actions. However, in her defense, she was “placed.” Antonio tried to laugh at how embarrassed he was but said offside to the camera and said it was “Very embarrassing for me. I like people who know how to behave in [a] public place.” However, Cortney’s rude demeanor didn’t stop there; He then proceeded to pull out his phone and start playing with it, which annoyed Antonio greatly. Cortney then started yelling if the restaurant had Wi-Fi. Antonio tried to hide how upset he was, but he used it on his face like his skin.

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Cortney tried to defend her food choices and said she was “proud” that he was ordering a chicken salad, and he said he was “hard” essentially missing the point of rewatching the clip. It’s a fun clip to look back on and laugh at. 90 days naked all has revealed many things about the contestants that viewers didn’t know before. They’ve seen different sides of Yazan and Brittany’s relationship, for example, which has been revealing, especially for many fans who were against Brittany.

90 day fiancé spin-offs are incredibly interesting. As the reality show continues to build its empire, it will be great to see what happens in Single life: 90-day fiancé.

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