The post-100-year war story ended in Avatar, the last airbender continued in comic book form. The comic trilogies show the events that happened after the war (in the show that most of the fans watched and loved). The lost adventures Y Team Avatar Stories they contain independent adventures of their characters, both during and after the show.

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Needless to say, these comics were a much-needed closure for fans who wanted to know what happened next. However, there were some stories and characters from the show that deserved more attention but didn’t get any. What were they?

10 Zuko and Mai’s relationship: no one knows if they ever got back together

At the end of the show, fans saw that Zuko and Mai got back together. His story continued in the comics until about a year later. However, as the Fire Lord, Zuko kept many necessary secrets from Mai. One day, she decided she had had enough and broke up with him.

She dated someone else, but broke up with him when she realized he still had feelings for Zuko. This was where his story stopped completely. His story was not shown anymore. No one knows if they finally got back together, who they married or who Izumi’s mother was.

9 The Search for Airbenders: Aang never attempted to search for more Airbenders, even when he had the time and resources to do so.

2 aang with other airbenders

When Aang woke up from his 100-year slumber, he was told that all the Airbenders had been killed by the Fire Nation. Although at first it seemed incredible to him, he quickly accepted the fact and turned his attention to save the world from war.

In Legend of Korra, the audience saw several Sky Bisons and Flying Lemurs, both of which are believed to have become extinct as well. Similarly, it seemed plausible that at least Some of the Airbenders would have escaped and lived in disguise somewhere. However, in the comics that followed, Aang never attempted to search for more Airbenders, even when he had the time and resources to do so.

8 Azula’s Redemption Arc – Appeared many times in the comics, but did not improve as a person

3 azula threatens ukano

Various Avatar Fans wanted there to be a redemption arc for Azula. After all, she was only fourteen and suffering from serious mental health problems. He also felt that his own mother thought he was a monster. In the comics, he appeared many times, but he did not improve as a person.

In the ‘The Search’ comics, he kept attacking everyone and fled. In the ‘Smoke and Shadow’ comics, he pretended to be Kemurikage, a dark spirit from myths, and kidnapped several Fire Nation children just to mess with Zuko. She was never seen after that.

7 Ozai’s Influence on the Nation: Even from prison, he should have had enough power, means and influence to be able to set some things in motion.

5 ozai in prison talking to zuko

Ozai was a powerful Fire Lord with a lot of influence in the Fire Nation for a long time. It was surprising to see that he was simply left to rot in prison after Aang defeated him in the 100 year war. Despite having his control taken away, he was still the Fire Lord and commanded the armies of the Fire Nation.

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However, he took no action and was imprisoned. Even from prison, he should have had enough power, means and influence to be able to set some things in motion. Nothing of the sort was ever shown to happen.

6 Sokka’s Search For His Space Sword & Boomerang: No one knew if he tried to get them back after the war ended.

Fans knew how much Sokka loved his trusty boomerang and his deadly space sword. It was a sad moment when Sokka lost them both at the end of the show while trying to save Toph and himself from the firebender soldiers. No one knew if he made any attempt to get them back after the war ended.

A photo of the adult members of Avatar Gang was shown on Legend of Korra where Sokka was seen carrying a sword. Fans speculated that it could have been the space sword. However, it was all just speculation and nothing was confirmed about it.

5 Guru Pathik’s Fate: He Was Never Raised Again

6 guru pathik and aang

Guru Pathik was a mysterious character who was a part of the show for a very short time, yet he played one of the biggest roles that changed the course of the entire show. He gave Aang the training and guidance he needed to be able to control the Avatar state by showing him how to open his chakras.

Guru Pathik was over a hundred years old and had a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. Team Avatar and the entire world might have used some of that wisdom in the future after the 100-year war, but it never appeared again.

4 Iroh after the 100 years war: Uncle Iroh really took a backseat in the comics

7 uncle iroh with tea

It was heartbreaking for fans to see his beloved Uncle Iroh take a backseat in the comics. He retired to the Earth Kingdom where he continued to run his tea shop. He also briefly dealt with Fire Nation duties while Zuko went out to find his mother.

However, that comic focused on Zuko and his quest, and not Iroh’s. It would have been nice to see him advise Zuko on how to be a Fire Lord. Even a short account of one of his adventures in the White Lotus Society would have been interesting to watch.

3 Koh The Face Stealer – The Avatar Gang Met Their Mother, But Koh Didn’t Show Up In The Comics

8 koh the face thief

Koh the Face Stealer was a formidable spirit in Avatar that he could steal anyone’s face if he showed any kind of emotion. Aang met him in season 1 when he wanted to know where the lunar spirit was.

He told Aang that they would meet again, but they never did. In the comics, the Avatar gang met their mother, the Mother of Faces, in the comic book trilogy ‘The Search’. However, Koh did not appear in the comics or One time.

two More White Lotus Society Adventures / Quests / Details – Fans would have loved to see a few more adventures from this group

9 order of the white lotus

The Order of the White Lotus was a secret society that had as its members some of the most powerful and skilled people in the entire world. This society left several unanswered questions about its origins, history, and true purpose.

Ba Sing Se’s release was one of the show’s most phenomenal displays of power. Fans would have loved to see more adventures from this group of talented individuals and learn more about society at large.

1 More information on sub-fold styles – Not much information was given on how these fold shapes came into being

10 pli combustion deflection

Skip showcased a host of great sub-flex styles like metal control, blood control, combustion bending, lightning bending, and lava bending. However, not much information was given on how these bending shapes came about, except for the control metal that was invented by Toph.

How did the combustion benders discover that they could blow things up with their minds? If Bolin, an earthbender, could bend lava but not metal, what factors came into play to make this happen? What were Air’s underbending methods? It would have been interesting to see at least some of these questions answered in the stories that followed after the show ended.

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