There have been almost no details on Elden Ring revealed since it was announced at E3 2019. Has FromSoftware’s next game been canceled?

It seems like forever ago that there was some new Elden Ring news. In fact, the last time the official Elden Ring The Twitter account published was on June 28, 2019, more than a year and a half ago. It was initially announced at E3 2019 and continues to make headlines despite relatively few details. Fans of other FromSoftware games, like Dark souls Y BloodborneThey are notoriously fervent and dedicated to the company, but the long wait for any news has shaken the will of even the most loyal fans.

The short answer is no, Elden Ring has not been canceled. However, it certainly feels like it has. The collective sanity of those who wait patiently Elden Ring took a hit when a recent update to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice he left. Thirst for Elden Ring The news prompted FromSoftware to assure fans that it was indeed on its way. However, that tweet was sent in October and those of the Elden Ring Since then, subreddit has returned to its normally scheduled “flush”.

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Tell Elden Ring is highly expected would be an understatement. FromSoftware and its “Soulsborne” genre have become industry favorites, with fans and developers eager to play. Elden Ring. It is almost impossible to predict when the news will come, as FromSoftware has been specially reserved for the development of this game. It seems that every week brings new rumors of details and leaks surrounding. Elden Ring nebulous development.

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Elden Ring is slated to be FromSoft’s most ambitious title yet

While all Dark souls games, Demon souls, Bloodborne, Y Axe could be considered an open world to some extent, famous game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has repeatedly used terms like “vast” and “extensive” to describe the game world of Elden Ring. This comes from a IGN Miyazaki interviewed after the game’s announcement at E3 2019, in which he assures fans that the intricate level design of Dark souls will still be present in the dungeons of Elden Ring.

Not only is Elden Ring It will be physically larger, but the myth of the game universe will also be expansive. Recent FromSoftware games have been known for their obtuse approach to storytelling, which often requires players to look for information in item descriptions. This time, Miyazaki enlisted legendary fantasy author George RR Martin to create Elden Ringmythology. Most famous for writing the A song of ice and fire , Martin’s contribution will offer a rich world in which players can lose themselves. Elden Ring It shouldn’t be expected anytime soon, but more details, any details, actually, would go a long way toward assuring fans that the game is not facing cancellation.

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