Marvel’s most powerful character has outgrown his welcome, and the King in Black is an opportunity to turn things around for the better.

Warning: Contains spoilers for King in Black # 3!

Marvel King in black continues to pit Earth’s greatest heroes against the primordial void made flesh, and Knull is finally showing the upper limits of his power, suffering some nasty wounds as he takes on the Almighty Father Thor, losing his jaw to the power of the god of God. Thunder. As Tony Stark takes out the Celestials, Knull’s pet, and the Silver Surfer arrives with the news of a God of Light, the King in Black is far from defeated, but the cracks begin to show, and victory now seems possible. , even if it is likely to cost your life. and limb. But before the King in Black is defeated, Marvel should use the character to kill the most powerful being in his comic book continuity: the One over all.

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Generally seen only in Marvel’s most cosmic adventures, the One-Above-All is Marvel’s supreme power – an omnipotent and omniscient being who exists outside of any reality and instead presides over the Multiverse as a benevolent caretaker who only intervenes. when it’s at stake. they are so high that they threaten countless realities. Also known as Above-All-Others, the One-Above-All is usually featured as a glowing humanoid whose body switches between different genders, ages, and races, communicating its connection to all human life … and Marvel should let Knull kill that.

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So why should Marvel ditch this awesome character? What’s important to understand about One-Above-All is that it exists outside of any of the larger Marvel mythologies. He is not a god in the sense of the multidimensional adventures of Doctor Strange or Thor’s pantheon. Those who sit up in the shadeOne-Above-All tends to follow traditional concepts of a single patriarchal creator deity, and its position at the top of Marvel’s ladder of power compresses all the fascinating complexities of the company’s interlocking worlds into one simple god figure. and tasteless that draws next to nothing from decades of exciting stories and iconic art.

Cosmic marvel

An important point of contrast is the Living Tribunal, a three-faced golden deity that exists beyond the reach of humans and that imposes broader ideas of fairness, necessity, and revenge. The Living Tribunal is a mind-blowing sci-fi being who is all-powerful, but cannot necessarily be trusted to share the limited human point of view of Marvel’s mortal heroes. Then there’s Eternity, a brilliant starfield in quasi-human form, unfathomable to all but the greatest minds at Marvel. Less powerful, but also visually and conceptually unique, are Galactus and the Celestials, cosmic creators and predators designed by Jack Kirby, and whose morality spanning an eon can result in miracles and horrors that unfold in the planets time frame, not from people.

As power increases in the Marvel Universe, the beings who wield it become more complex and less human. The stories of comic book greats have been adding to these characters for decades, revealing amazing secrets and exploring sprawling plans that have shaken and reshaped the Multiverse itself. But at the top of that pile in current Marvel canon is a being of maximum power but completely human sensibilities: someone who can easily stroll the beach with Spider-Man and empathize with his struggles. The prize at the end of a labyrinth of fascinating strangeness constructed by visionaries of science fiction and fantasy is a basically human consciousness that effortlessly sympathizes with traditional notions of right and wrong.

One over all

In a world that is home to pantheons of competing gods, alternate realities, infinite realms of magic, and entire ecosystems of alien civilizations, the One-Above-All is unimaginative and limiting, which makes the Marvel Multiverse contains the truly bizarre, ultimately, is managed by the unique and identifiable intelligence you can find in none fictious world. As Knull claims to be the embodiment of the void before creation, and the Silver Surfer touting the return of a God of Light, it’s the perfect opportunity for Marvel to unleash the King in black in its most powerful and boring character, or even simply reveal new facets of the One over all – in a way that embraces the mystery of the cosmos and resists the urge to simplify a rich fictional world that was always better represented by a plethora of ideas than a single glowing face in the clouds.

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