Part of what he did Seinfeld So incessantly entertaining was not only its four main characters, but its eclectic cast of recurring supporting characters. Newman, Frank Costanza, David Puddy, are some examples of supporting characters whose episodes were always a special treat for diehard fans of the show.

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One of these beloved supporting characters is Jerry’s Uncle Leo, played by Len Lesser. Leo is cunning, paranoid, passive-aggressive and often oblivious to what is going on around him, although at times, like Jerry himself, he reluctantly goes out of his way to help others. Its episodes are especially hilarious in that they offer glimpses into Jerry’s family life. Here are the 10 funniest moments of Leo in Seinfeld, classified.

10 The edible foliage tour

Uncle Leo’s first appearance in Seinfeld is in “The Pony Remark” from the second season. At a family dinner, Leo grabs Jerry’s ear and praises his son Jeffrey’s work as a tour guide in Central Park. He brags about the “Edible Foliage Tour” that Jeffrey has created, and also hints that Jeffrey leans on him when he has a problem with the “big shots” from the Parks Department.

Jeffrey never appears on screen, but his career at the Parks Department is a source of continued pride for Leo throughout the series.

9 “You have to go, so go”

Uncle Leo holding Jerry

Besides being bossy, Leo can also be very passive-aggressive. When he meets Jerry and George while they take a taxi for an important meeting with NBC executives, he launches into telling a story about how he used to get a free pajamas from his friend Danny Palmer. When Jerry apologizes and says he doesn’t have time to talk to him, Leo responds by telling him to move on and that “no one has a gun to their head.”

Jerry then receives a phone call from his parents, who accuse him of being rude to his uncle, meaning that Leo obviously called them to complain about Jerry’s behavior, despite his supposed understanding at the time of the encounter.

8 “Trust me, I don’t owe your mother fifty dollars.”

Leo is also a nut. When Jerry’s Nana calls Jerry and Leo to help him open a bottle of ketchup, they are both at his apartment. Nana, a little distracted, asks Leo if he ever gave his sister, Jerry’s mother, $ 50 from his father’s earnings at the race track. She mentions that Leo was given $ 100 and told to give Helen $ 50.

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Jerry is confused by this story, but Leo assures him that there is no reason to be suspicious. “Trust me,” he says, “I don’t owe your mother fifty dollars.” Jerry is not so convinced.

7 Leo finds out about Jerry’s “wedding”

In “The Wife,” Jerry is offered a lifetime discount at the local dry cleaner, and his girlfriend pretends to be his wife so she can take advantage of the discount, too. When Leo runs into them at the dry cleaner, he is shocked and confused to learn from the dry cleaner that Jerry has married.

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Jerry is forced to lie to her and confirm that he has in fact been married, and Leo, of course, is offended that he was not invited to the wedding.

6 “If someone asks you where you got it, you don’t know”

In Season 6’s “The Pledge Drive,” Jerry cashes some of Nana’s old checks that he gave him years ago as a gift, causing Nana problems as she no longer has the checking account from which the checks were issued. checks.

Leo finds out about this and thinks Jerry is in dire financial straits. He finds him backstage at the donation drive and tries to put some money in Jerry’s pocket. Even while doing an act of kindness, his paranoia rises and he says to Jerry, “If someone asks you where you got it, you don’t know!”

5 The clock transaction

When Jerry drops the watch that his father, Morty, gave him because it doesn’t work, Leo finds it in the trash and takes it away. When Jerry, Leo, and Morty are having dinner, Morty begins to ask about the watch, noticing that Leo’s is suspiciously similar to the one he gave Jerry.

Sensing that his father is on top of him, Jerry corners Leo in the bathroom and offers him $ 200 for the watch. Leo insists that money is not the problem, but that he loves the watch and does not want to part with it. Of course, when Jerry raises his offer to $ 350, Leo instantly accepts. Of course, it’s all for naught, because Morty walks in and catches them in the act, forcing Jerry to confess that he threw away the watch.

4 “I am an old man, I am confused!”

In Season 9’s “The Bookstore,” Leo is revealed to be a thief with “prior convictions.” He steals books from Bentham’s bookstore, thinking that if he is ever caught, he can claim that he is just a confused old man who thought he had paid for them.

When Jerry catches him in the act, he alerts security, thinking that they will just scare him into returning the books. Instead, they “swarm” Leo and arrest him. Leo tries to give them the “confused old man” line, but it doesn’t work as expected.

3 “They don’t overcook a hamburger”

In Season 7’s “The Shower Head”, Leo moves in with his new girlfriend, which creates a problem for Jerry, since his parents can live in Leo’s empty apartment. Wanting them to return to Florida, Jerry meets Leo for lunch and tries to convince him to break up with his girlfriend so he can go back to his place and evict Jerry’s parents.

When Leo’s burger turns medium rather than mildly rare, he insists that the cook must have deliberately overcooked his burger, accusing the chef of anti-Semitism. Jerry tries to get the conversation back on track, continuing: “What I was saying before Goebbels made your burger here, is this …”

two “Now you’re just being difficult”

In “The Package,” Leo’s eyebrows and mustache are burned when his stove explodes. She goes to the doctor, where Elaine meets him to pose as his nurse, hoping to get a remedy for her rash, which she cannot treat because her doctor has blacklisted her as a “difficult” patient. She runs away in a panic when she becomes paranoid because Leo’s doctor is behind her, but before she leaves, she draws Leo a new pair of eyebrows.

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Unfortunately, his eyebrows grew angry, and the doctor is threatened by Leo’s “behavior” upon returning to the room.

1 “Stop the show!”

Later in “The Pledge Drive,” after Leo appears backstage to give Jerry money, Jerry’s Nana calls the show to make a donation to PBS. When Kramer announces this on air, Leo rushes to the set in a frenzied panic, insisting that Nana can’t afford to make such a donation, embarrassing Jerry and derailing the event.

“She can’t do that, she has a very steady income!” He shouts. Then he rushes the camera, arms raised, and yells, “Stop the show!”

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