Billy Butcher is one of the most beloved antiheroes on television, but what are the worst and least attractive character traits of this character from The Boys?

Although Billy Butcher is apparently on the side of the good guys in the world of Amazon Prime BoysHe honestly seems to display as many bad or negative personality traits as he does heroic or positive. He may be a good person deep down, but many of his outward characteristics are unpleasant or downright bad.

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Even though the show is only two seasons old, Boys has already shown the best and worst of Billy Butcher. So, with that in mind, what are Billy’s worst personality traits and behaviors?

10 It’s rude

For the most part, Billy Butcher’s absurdly disgusting mouth is his trademark, and it’s something most of his fans love him for. However, sometimes it is too much.

His vulgarity is so intense and so constant that it can ruin moments that need to take a different tone, and his commitment to profanity makes him look like a child who has just discovered what bad words are.

9 He is absorbed in himself

Karl Urban as Butcher in The Boys

It’s interesting, because while at first Billy seemed to show genuine care and concern for people like the Boys or the wife he thought he lost, over time he seems to have a very self-centered view of the world.

He seems to ignore guys when they are not in line with his ultimate goal, and when Becca returned, he seemed to care a lot more about having her no matter what rather than looking for what she wanted.

8 Is dishonest

Billy talking to Hughie

While Billy usually opens up to Hughie, the rest of the Boys, or Becca eventually, he also has a bad habit of lying to them or hiding the truth from them for his own convenience.

Since everyone is in life and death situations almost constantly, it is actually very dangerous for you to cheat on your friends and family so often. He also shows a significant lack of respect for almost everyone around him.

7 Has prejudice against supes

Again, this flaw in Billy’s personality obviously exists for a reason, but it’s really unfair that he paints all the supes with the worst brush. Homelander is a monster that needs to be stopped, but superpowers are normal people with superpowers, they are as good or bad as they choose to be.

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The fact that Butcher has magnified his revenge on Homelander to a grudge with all superheroes is not only unfair, it can be dangerous.

6 Is excessively violent

A high tolerance for violence is practically a necessity in Billy’s line of work, but he seems to go overboard at times, and it also seems like extreme violence has almost no personal effect on him, which can be a bit scary.

Billy was never a softie even before he believed Becca was dead, but once she was gone, he seemed to have a Terminator-level obsession with destroying anyone who got in his way, and it’s disturbing that he’s so casually cruel.

5 It’s dangerously obsessive

becca butcher boys

Along a similar vein, aside from the fact that Billy is willing to be as violent as he thinks he needs to to get what he wants, he’s also shown willingness to do just about anything in general to get what he wants. wants.

Becca was the object of his obsession for a long time, and even she was frightened to see how far Billy would go to achieve his goals.

4 Is a bad friend

Karl Urban as Butcher and Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk in The Boys

For the most part, the guys are either a real blue ride or die for each other. However, when it comes to getting rogue and working a solo mission, Billy seems to be the only one constantly leaving his friends behind.

He will come back eventually, but to be honest the Boys deserve better, and Billy really should treat them more like the solid team that they are rather than using them at his own convenience.

3 He’s a bad husband

Billy and Becca smiling at each other

Season 2 of Boys It really put Billy’s desire to avenge his wife in a whole new light. Yes, he really loves Becca, but he wasn’t very good at showing him or treating her like she should have been treated.

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He didn’t have much respect for her wishes, and was very ready and willing to get rid of Ryan even though that would have crushed Becca, so he proved to be an incredibly selfish husband.

two He is ruthless

Butcher billy

Every positive trait tends to have a dark side. And while Billy Butcher’s ability to take on government agencies, massive international corporations, and literal superhumans despite the fact that he’s a normal guy, he’s impressive.

However, he has to make up for his relative weakness in other ways, and that often comes up with Billy being utterly ruthless when it comes to achieving his goals. He will do what he has to do, no matter who it hurts.

1 He uses people

The Boys season 2 episode 6 Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter Laz Alonso as Mothers Milk Karen Fukuhard as Kimiko Tom Capone as Frenchie

Clearly, a large part of Billy is a loving individual. After all, he will literally turn his entire life upside down just to get some kind of justice for Becca.

But Billy doesn’t seem to handle his emotions well and can be incredibly cruel to those who care about him. Even his friends sometimes seem to be nothing more than a means to an end for him.

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