the Harry Potter The film series has stood the test of time quite well, playing on cable streaming platforms and around the world and constantly adding new generations of fans. It all started with the first movie in the franchise, Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In a recent interview with Empire, via CinemaBlend, David Heyman, who served as a producer on all eight Harry Potter movies, revealed how a deeply emotional scene in the first film was helped by an incident involving lead actor Daniel Radcliffe suffering an allergic reaction.

“I realized there was something special about it when I first read the book. I loved it. It touched me. I fell in love with it before it was published. I will never forget being on set that first day, filming the last scene of Philosopher’s Stone where Hagrid and Harry say goodbye at the Hogsmeade train station. Dan [Radcliffe] He wore these contact lenses to make his eyes look green, and he had an allergic reaction to them. His eyes were red and swollen and we had to remove them; We thought we could add that green digitally, although we ultimately decided not to because it felt artificial. But Dan’s eyes were puffy and red, and oddly enough it was quite appropriate for the scene where he was saying goodbye to Hagrid. “

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The relationship between Harry and Hagrid is possibly the most important in the first film. Harry, an orphan who was constantly tormented by his adoptive family, became the first friend of his life when Hagrid came to take him to Hogwarts on the greatest adventure of his life. That makes the parting scene between the two characters even more emotional, and Radcliffe’s allergic reaction really helped sell that scene. In the past, the actor has talked about his struggles as an actor when he was first cast to play Harry Potter, and how he fixed it.

“What I will always say about myself is that I was not the most talented child actor. When I look at other young actors, like when I look at children on Stranger Things or shows like that, I think, ‘Holy crap! How are you doing that? “It’s amazing. What I think I was really good at, and what I had, which was a huge advantage for me, was that I loved it. I loved being on set. I was good being on set. I loved learning how to be useful. The best thing about being on set is that you can be part of a team. That’s the most special thing of all, and you can feel that with everyone else you’re doing this together, and I loved that feeling right away. I think that it was definitely what made me a great candidate for those movies. “

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While Daniel Radcliffe struggling with his job as a teenage actor, fans will always see him as The Boy Who Lived and the cornerstone of a beloved children’s franchise. This news comes from CinemaBlend.

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