As players look to upgrade their equipment in Valheim, they will need Iron. To achieve this, they must defeat The Elder and obtain the Swamp Key.

As players explore the various biomes of Valheim In search of more resources, you are likely to find that many of the best resources in the game are more difficult to access because they are underground. When wood, stone, and bronze weapons and tools are no longer enough to get the job done, players will likely want to find iron. Iron tools and weapons have better stats, and iron is also required to craft the Iron Pickaxe. The Iron Pickaxe is the minimum requirement if players want to start mining silver, which is used in some of the higher-tier recipes available during Early Access. While players can sometimes find iron in meteor craters, the most consistent place to mine iron is in sunken crypts in the swamp biome.

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Players will recognize a sunken crypt when they see it; these are small stone buildings in the swamp with green fire torches and an iron gate in front. These lead to a kind of dungeon where players will find some enemies and a lot of iron, among other challenges and resources. However, the doors to these Crypts are closed, and the only way for players to access them is to summon and defeat the second boss of the Forsaken, The Elder. One of the items The Elder drops is the key to the stone crypt. Players will need to obtain and make an offering to The Elder to summon this creature for combat, and they will need to be prepared for a fight significantly tougher than the battle against Eikthyr. Here’s how to get the key to the swamp Valheim.

How to summon and defeat the old man in Valheim

One player summons The Elder, the second boss in Valheim.

Players who wish to summon The Elder and obtain the Swamp Key will first need to head to the Black Forest biome. While there, they must fight Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans. Both creatures have a chance to drop Ancient Seeds. Players must collect three of them.

Next, players will need to find The Elder’s Summoning Stone. The location of this altar will vary from player to player, and if players want the precise location, they will need to interact with The Elder’s Rune Stones at Burial Chambers in the Black Forest.

Once players reach the altar location, they will need to load the Ancient Seeds into their Hotbar and press the correct key to place all three in the fire bowl. This will make The Elder appear, along with some Trolls or Greydwarves to aid in the fight.

The swamp biome in Valheim

The Elder is a bipedal tree-humanoid creature with three attacks: stomp, ranged vines, and roots. If players die or try to run, it will chase them. The Elder is difficult to defeat, so players will have to come prepared for a tough battle, with plenty of arrows, health potions, and food. They can also choose to take on this boss with friends in co-op mode for a better chance of success.

Once The Elder has been defeated, players can take Swamp Key. It will open any sunken crypt in the swamp biome, giving players access to new treasures, tougher fights, and improved gear.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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