The world can be a crazy and chaotic place that can put a lot of stress on anyone. Fortunately, a good, upbeat book, movie, or show can help steer you away from all of that, and anime is full of fun series that can do just that. However, many of these light and calm stories can have incredibly depressing moments.

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While some lighter anime may have hints of this hue, leading to a much larger and sadder scene, some may come out of nowhere, delivering a devastatingly emotional and heartbreaking gut punch to an unsuspecting viewer if they are not prepared. for it. .

10 Saito’s last battle at the end of the second season (The Familiar Of Zero)

Saito prepares to fight the Rebellion, Zero's Familiar

In its center, the Zero’s Familiar is a fantasy harem anime with all the trimmings one would expect, even with its most intense moments here and there. However, the last episode of its second season took an intense and emotional turn. With the rebellion at his doorstep, Saito embarks on a suicide mission and decides to face an entire army alone while his allies lead Louise to safety.

Louise wakes up, but it is too late, Saito fights the good fight, but finally, the numbers of the rebellion overwhelm him and kill him. Watching Saito fight to protect Louise only to be savagely killed is not only brutal, but also incredibly sad for this kind of anime, even if Saito miraculously returned afterward.

9 End Of The Line For The Going Merry (One Piece)

Merry's funeral, one piece

Despite being an action packed shonen, with some chaotic characters and comedy, One piece has its sad moments. There is so much to choose from, although what seemed like the end of an era had to be the final “goodbye” to the Straw Hat ship, the “Going Merry”.

After one last daring escape, Merry part ways. The heartbroken Straw Hat Pirates watch with tears in their eyes as they give their beloved ship a Viking-style farewell. The Merry was practically a crew member in her own right, and although this moment had been piled high for some time, seeing the Straw Hats cry over a ship full of precious memories still hits hard.

8 Taiga realizes her feelings for Ryuji (Toradora!)

Taiga cries for Ryuji, Toradora

Romantic comedies may have a light tone, but that doesn’t mean that heartbreak doesn’t exist in those stories. Love can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a dagger to the chest if someone doesn’t have the courage or understanding to confess their true feelings for another. That is the case with this scene from Toradora! Christmas episode.

After dressing up as a Santa teddy bear to cheer up Taiga, Ryuji leaves to meet Minori. Suddenly, Taiga realizes that she wants to be with Ryuji and runs after him to confess, but he’s already gone. Alone and believing it is too late, Taiga sobs in the cold winter night. The two would eventually get together, but seeing Taiga collapse like this is hard to pass.

7 Sir Nighteye’s death and the final moment with Mirio (My Hero Academia)

In Western comics, it seems that the death of superheroes is just a temporary vacation that they eventually return to. This is not the case with the heroes of My Hero Academia. Death is the end and there is no peculiarity that brings people back to life. Sir Nighteye was the first time fans had seen a major character in the series die.

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After being mortally wounded by Overhaul, Sir Nighteye’s time begins to run out. While staring at his student’s tearful face, Nighteye uses the last of his strength to use his quirk one last time, assuring Mirio that even though his quirk is gone, he will become a great hero.

6 Rikka’s denial of her father’s death (love, Chunibyo, and other illusions)


Grief is a difficult thing to process, and for many, it takes time to fully accept the loss that causes it. For Rikka Takanashi, her response to her father’s death was to reject reality completely, leading to her delusional “chunibyo” behavior. At first, the anime plays on its delusions mainly to laugh, but that doesn’t last forever.

At the demolished site of her childhood home, Toka (Rikka’s older sister) tries to force Rikka to accept the reality of her father’s passing. Rikka rejects this and engages Toka in another imaginary battle, but try as he tries, Toka doesn’t move, and cracks in Rikka’s fantasy begin to form as she faces the facts. Rikka is hit hard by the coldness of reality that is not only depressing, but relatable.

5 Mitsuki learns the truth about Eichi (Full Moon or Sagashita)

Mitsuki lies next to the grave of Eichi, Full Moon or Sagashite

For the most part, Full Moon or Sagashita is a lighthearted story of a sickly girl named Mitsuki who has a chance to fulfill her dream of being a singer so that she can meet her childhood crush, Eichi, again. At first, it seems like all of Mitsuki’s dreams would come true until he takes a trip to see Eichi in America.

Mitsuki finds out that Eichi died two years ago in a car accident and goes to see his grave. Completely heartbroken, Mitsuki lies down in the hope that the cold will take her life. This scene ended up being a huge change of tone in the series and had a ripple effect that lasted for many episodes.

4 Yui passes away after seeing the life she could have had with Hinata (Angel Beats!)

Yui and Hinata's fantasy, Angel Beats

While Angel Beats! It begins as a supernatural comedy, the underlying sadness would come to reap its head more than once through characters accepting their own deaths. While many would point to Kanade’s farewell or Otonashi’s memories, Yui’s farewell was more unexpectedly heartbreaking.

Trying to check everything off her wish list, Yui reveals that the reason behind her many regrets was that she spent her previous life bedridden. Hinata then confesses her feelings to Yui, giving her a glimpse of what their lives might have been like if they met before the afterlife, allowing her to finally die. The real tear-jerker is seeing what could have been.

3 Class 3-E Korosensei finally assassinated (Assassination Classroom)

Korosensei Death, Assassination Classroom

Assassination classroom It begins with the knowledge that Class 3-E would have to kill Korosensei in order to graduate. Knowing that it was still heartbreaking to watch that moment come. Battered and broken after his final battle with Reaper, Korosensei collapses and tells his students that it is time for them to kill him.

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The class immobilizes Korosensei as everyone says goodbye to the one teacher who truly believed in them from the beginning. Nagisa delivers the killing blow and Korosensei disintegrates as the students mourn his bittersweet victory. As comical as this series was, it prepared the viewer for this from the start, although that didn’t make it hurt any less.

two Luxray gave his own life to keep Sorrel warm (Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!)

Luxray is frozen to death, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

Pokemon It is usually a fun globetrotting adventure where Ash, Pikachu, and their friends go to many different places and meet many different Pokémon. However, there have been some really sad and depressing moments in this colorful series. Despite all their powers, Pokémon can still die, something Sorrel of the I choose you! the movie knows this very well.

Sorrel reveals how he was close to his family’s Luxray and that one day he was injured and lost during a snow storm. Luxray eventually found him and snuggled up with Sorrel to keep him warm during the storm, freezing to death in the process. Luxray’s sacrifice is proof that Pokémon are not just animals or pets, they are also friends and true companions.

1 Tomoya’s emotional torment (Clannad: After Story)

Clannad After Story Tomoya and Ushio comfort each other

The first season of Clannad It starts out happy and turns into depression the more the viewer learns about the characters, but at least the ending is happy. However, things do improve a bit in its sequel series. Clannad: After Story.

The middle of the season itself is a sad and heartbreaking scene, where the viewer has to watch Tomoya suffer as she receives tragedies one after another, beginning with Nagisa’s death moments after giving birth. Things continue to build from there, until Tomoya’s daughter Ushio dies in his arms. Watching Tomoya suffer like this is emotionally devastating, even if time did eventually rewind and things turned out well.

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