It may be a bit strange to think of 2021, but there was a time when Amanda Bynes was among the most recognized and popular actors in the world. Starting with Nickelodeon Everything thatBynes was everywhere for several years, including obtaining his own series.

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Bynes took on some notable starring roles in things like What a girl wants, She is the man, Y big fat Liar. Some personal issues drove her out of the spotlight, without having a single film or television appearance since 2010. That means a lot of people have forgotten some of the work she did in her career.

10 Find out

Amanda Bynes in Find Out

Technically, this was the second series Amanda Bynes appeared in during her career. With the success of Everything thatBynes became a more prominent name. It allowed him to appear in other Nickelodeon series and one of them was Find out, which ran from 1997 to 1999.

Find out was a game show hosted by Summer Sanders where Nick’s stars had to try to guess the special talents of the guests. With Bynes being a big name at the time, she was one of the panelists for several seasons alongside the likes of Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg.

9 Nightmare room

Amanda Bynes in The Nightmare Room

Author RL Stine is best known for the Goosebumps franchise that has spawned a show and movies. Even his other Street of fear series is getting the Netflix treatment. However, one of his lesser known books that made it to television was The nightmare room.

Only 13 episodes aired on Kids’ WB, but it did feature some notable guest stars. Tania Raymonde, Madeline Zima, Brenda Song, Kaley Cuoco, and more appeared. Bynes was in the first episode, which told a story about a basement haunted by children who were forgotten.

8 Arli $$

Robert Wuhl and Sandra Oh in Arliss

It feels like Arli $$ it is a program that should be remembered more than it really is. It aired on HBO and was similar to the popular Ballers series in which he focused on the world of sports and the people who work alongside athletes. Here, it had to do with agents.

Arli $$ it featured quality actors like Robert Wuhl and Sandra Oh and was popular with a passionate fan base for its dark references. It was also unique in that the lead actor appeared on a WCW wrestling show to promote him, fully in character. Bynes appeared in an episode of the fourth season as a teenage skating champion.

7 Family man

There have been so many episodes and seasons of Family man that trying to keep track of every guest star is next to impossible. A few years after the show’s huge revival since cancellation in the mid-2000s, Amanda Bynes joined that long line of actors to lend her voice to the series.

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In “Long John Peter” for season six, Bynes voiced a girl named Anna whom Chris falls in love with. The intern vet starts dating him and while things ended on good terms for the couple in the episode, Bynes never returned to the role. It was one of his last performances.

6 Rugrats

Taffy and Angelica in Rugrats

Along the same lines as Everything that, one of the best Nickelodeon shows of the 90s was Rugrats. When the 2000s began, it was drawing to a close and season nine was its last. Amanda Bynes landed a recurring role in it, but by then, it was easy to miss.

Due to a story in which Didi Pickles chose to return to college for her Master’s in Child Development, the babies needed a babysitter. That’s where Taffy Maynston came in, voiced by Bynes in nine episodes.

5 Love wrecked

This is the rare case that Amanda Bynes has a starring role in something and is still relatively easy to forget. Unlike his other main performances, Love wrecked It was not a theatrical release, but rather aired on the ABC Family network in 2007.

The story follows a girl (Bynes) who is stranded on an island with her music idol and because she is in love with him, she hides the truth that they are not actually abandoned and are close to her resort. The cast was as 2000 as possible with Chris Carmack, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Fred Willard, and Lance Bass.

4 Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Big Adventure

Charlotte's Web 2 Poster

EB White children’s novel Charlotte’s website It is as iconic as it sounds. Almost all the children seem to have read it at least once. The 2006 film adaptation starring Dakota Fanning was also quite popular, but it wasn’t actually the first film version.

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That goes back to 1973 in an animated image. Obviously, that wasn’t Bynes’ lead, but she was in on the 2003 sequel, Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Big Adventure. Bynes voiced the character of Nellie, the leader of Charlotte’s three daughters.

3 Robots

From 2005 Robots It is one of the most underrated animated films of the time. The decade was seemingly dominated by companies like Pixar and DreamWorks Studios, letting 20th Century Fox stuff get a bit on the way, even if Robots it grossed $ 260.7 million at the box office.

Set in a world full of robots, a hopeful inventor lands his dream job only to find out that his clients are being scammed. Bynes voiced Piper Pinwheeler, who has some of the funniest lines in the movie. The voice cast also featured Halle Berry, Ewan McGregor, and Robin Williams.

two Easy one

Marianne Bryant amanda bynes easy a

It is the final acting credit of Amanda Bynes career as of now. Not only that, but it marked a different kind of character for her. Bynes traditionally seemed to play the good girl, but her role in 2010 Easy one It was like one of the central antagonists of the acclaimed film, Marianne Bryant.

Marianna was a devout Christian girl who berated Olive (Emma Stone) for the decisions she made in her life, even if they weren’t true. It could be argued that Bynes saved the best work of his career for last, as Easy one He was loved by both critics and audiences everywhere.

1 Hair spray

Many child and teen television stars also perform as musical artists. Amanda Bynes was not one of them, as she had never had any kind of singing career. That said, it didn’t stop him from joining the 2007 cast. Hair spray, a musical based on the legendary Broadway play and a 1988 film.

In this shot of Hair sprayBynes landed the role of Penny Lou Pingleton, the best friend of protagonist Tracy Turnblad. Most of the young actors in the cast were relatively unknown, Bynes being the biggest star of them. While he doesn’t sing much, he does have some great lines

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