The ’90s produced some truly iconic rom-coms, but some took the clichés too far and disappointed even the genre’s most die-hard fans.

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up to watch a good romantic comedy? The best of them leave us inspired, enchanted and filled with the notion of true love with star eyes. Although the ’90s produced some truly iconic rom-coms, some pushed the clichés too far, disappointing even the genre’s most die-hard fans.

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Filled with lengthy tropes, cheesy jokes, and annoying stereotypes, these movies didn’t have viewers reaching for the bandanas, but instead rolling their eyes in embarrassment. While there’s a lot of work in the entertainment industry that hasn’t aged well, these cheesy movies weren’t the poignant tears they hoped to be.

10 Simply irresistible (1999)

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Simply Irresistible

This ultra-cheesy late ’90s movie starring screaming queen icon Sarah Michelle Gellar went for all the cliches possible in her search for true love. From fairy godmothers, to a cute cheesy reunion and a magical crab, Simply irresistible The general premise is exceeded in an attempt to get attention. While Gellar fans will be amused by its cheesy lines, this movie just doesn’t hit the mark as a romantic comedy classic.

9 Lost and Found (1999)

David Spade and Sophie Marceau in Lost and Found

David Spade plays on the boy’s funny and likable joke with nonsense-inducing back-to-back grunts in this cheesy romantic comedy. Featuring a cheesy cute find, endless doggy jokes, and an extremely cheesy kiss as the music plays, this version of true love uses too much recycled material from the ’90s romantic comedy. There is something About Mary be authentic. While Spade fans may laugh at some of his timely jokes, Lost and found it never achieves its goal of being a satisfying love story.

8 She’s All That (1999)

Rachel Leigh Cook in She's All That

She is all that freely take the plot of My lovely lady and updates the concept of the ugly duckling turned swan into a ridiculous plot so cheesy that it has been repeatedly parodied since its release. Filled with teen stereotypes, this romantic comedy starring Racheal Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr. oozes cheesy with its silly lines. While the film attempts to convince viewers that Laney’s makeover is charming, the overdone theme has been criticized for its unrealistic message.

7 Love Sucks (1999)

French Butler In Love Sucks

Bridgette Wilson and French Stewart play the incompatible couple Chelsea and Seth in this crazy love cheese party gone wrong. Utilizing all the cliches, from over-the-top possessive behavior to girlfriend obsession and insane cat gags, this rom-com pushes recognizable tropes in an attempt to win over the hearts of the audience.

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While Love Stinks has some memorable quotes, “I’m going to sue your butt for damages for hurting my butt”, this’ 90s movie never quite connected with romantic comedy fans in the way I expected.

6 Until you were there (1997)

Jeanne Tripplehorn in Til There Was You

Even though it featured romantic comedy favorites Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker, this cheesy ’90s flick failed to connect as a charming pick for a date night. The overall plot is simple, unfortunately the script is complicated with a multitude of flashbacks and interwoven parallel plots. An overwhelming number of clichés, from repeated clumsy and awkward tropes to heroine stereotypes, keep this movie from turning into the clever or charming love story it hoped to be.

5 A Smile Like Yours (1997)

Lauren Holly and Greg Kinear in A Smile Like Yours

Filled with a constant stream of sexual innuendo, this cheesy film follows married couple Danny and Jennifer Roberts on their journey to conceive a baby. Despite the sympathy of the main stars, the eye-rolling jokes from the fertility clinic, including rectal exams and visually expanding sperm sample bottles, left much to be desired. Although the notion of a couple desperately trying to conceive isn’t entirely irrelevant, the wise trope of the best friend and the sexually predatory woman only added to the irritating sense of formula of this silly 90s movie.

4 The Beautician and the Beast (1997)

Fran Drescher and Timothy Dalton in The Beautician and the Beast

From its recycled title to the plot, this Hammy 90 movie is inspired by Disney beauty and the beast, the king and me, Y Sound of music with predictable results. While fans of The babysitter enjoyed Fran Drescher’s Joy Miller, a character similar to her bubbly sitcom character Fran Fine, critics hardly felt the quirky character was enough to salvage the clichéd story that featured uncomfortable cultural stereotypes.

3 My Father the Hero (1994)

Katherine Heigl and Gérard Depardieu in My Father the Hero

Starring a young Katherine Heigl, the plot of this film revolves around a girl who tries to impress an older boy by pretending that her estranged father is her lover. Filled with exaggerated teenage angst, awkward tropes, and the typical clumsy overprotective parent, this cheesy romantic comedy remake of the similarly titled French film didn’t quite connect with American audiences.

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While seasoned French actor Gerard Depardieu delivers some well-timed laughs, the premise of Nicole’s supposed “sugar daddy” savior was simply too awkward for audiences to turn into a delightful romantic comedy hit.

two Man Problems (1992)

Jack Nicholson and Ellen Barkin in Man Trouble

Despite a strong cast, (Jack Nicholson plays the lead) the characters in this cliche rom-com play cartoons of cheesy stereotypes. Following the theme of a damsel in distress, Nicholson’s seedy dog ​​trainer Harry Bliss attracts the attention of heroine Joan Spruance and quests for romance emerge. Widely criticized for its script, ethnic banter, and innuendo practical jokes, this romantic comedy had more critics gulping than being overwhelmed by passion.

1 Mr. Wrong (1996)

Ellen Degeneres and Bill Pullmman in Mr. Wrong

Ellen DeGeneres’ Martha follows all the classic rom-com cliches to a T. She has nosy parents, the wise best friend, and of course she watches movies alone at home with her ice cream and wonders when she will meet Mr. Perfect. . If those weren’t reasons enough to leave viewers complaining to this cheesy script, Bill Pullman’s Whitman constantly reminds the audience of his insanity with exaggerated jokes at Martha’s expense after refusing to accept her breaking up with him.

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