Princess Powerful is one of the founding members of the Runaways, but now it looks like she might be ditching the X-Men!

Spoilers for Fugitives # 33 ahead!

Mighty princess has been a member of the Fugitives since the team was created nearly twenty years ago, but now I may be abandoning them for X Men! In Fugitives # 33, from writer Rainbow Rowell, artist Andres Genolet, and colorist Dee Cunniffe, Wolverine appears at the gate of the Runaways, ready to lead Princess Powerful, the only mutant member of the team, to the island of Krakoa. Naturally, the Runaways aren’t having it, but there may be more to the situation than meets the eye. The problem is already available.

First appearing in the early 2000s, The Runaways would go on to become one of Marvel’s best new properties of the decade, garnering critical acclaim. Although it was never a best seller, the book maintained a consistent audience and made the leap to television in 2017. The team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including magic and time travel; Princess Powerful is a mutant blessed with super strength. So far, she has shown no interest in traveling to the mutant homeland of Krakoa, nor have the X-Men shown interest in recruiting her, but all of that changes. Fugitives # 33.

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The team is relaxing at their headquarters when suddenly there is a loud bang and Doombot, an android replica of Doctor Doom who has been repurposed to serve as the team’s butler / caretaker, tells a “poorly trained Canadian” to drop him. to go. Molly and her teammate Nico go to see him and find Doombot fighting Wolverine, with his partner X-Man Pixie watching. Wolverine and Pixie manage to catch Molly and are preparing to transport themselves back to Krakoa when Nico uses a spell to interrupt them. Pixe and Wolverine tell Nico and the other Fugitives that Molly actually sent a distress call to Krakoa, asking them to come find her; in other words, they thought they were there to rescue her!

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Molly Hayes from The Runaways

It’s worth noting that Molly is not only the only mutant on the team, she’s also the youngest, and therefore the most impulsive. Readers never find out in this issue what prompted Molly to send the distress call in the first place, so it is highly likely that she could have sent it in a moment of anger; she looks sorry for the end of the topic. The Runaways are a self-paced team, so Princess Powerful will truly leave them behind for him. X Men? Has constant life on the road finally worn you out? Or will Nico and the rest of the Runaways convince her to stay?

Mighty princess is one of the pillars of Fugitives, serving not only as a founding member but also as the heart and soul of the team. As the youngest, she is the most innocent, and she has kept it in light of witnessing some really horrible events. If you decide enough is enough and head to Krakoa forever, it will be a great loss to the Fugitives.

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