There seems to be nothing Billie Eilish can’t do without millions of views. Here are his most viewed music videos on YouTube.

It seems like there’s nothing Billie Eilish can’t do without getting millions of views (at least). From her Instagram Stories to Tiktoks, the 19-year-old rising artist has taken the world by storm since her debut at age 14. Her talent lies not only in her angelic voice, but also as a visionary, video artist, and one of the few people with celebrity status who can flawlessly advocate for human rights and feminism. His sincerity and talent resulted in a wildfire that is a diverse and growing fan base.

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Just looking at the sheer number of views she has on her releases can induce multiple double takes, though it doesn’t mean that she, as an artist, doesn’t deserve the widespread credit and overwhelmingly positive reception. It’s safe to say that Billie Eilish is contagious, the variety in her sound appeals to all different types of music lovers. Thanks to her many fantastic official music videos ranging from cinematic to aesthetic, Billie is constantly going viral and popping up somewhere on the trending page.

10 Therefore I am – 125 million views

In the latest installment of EilishBillie, the icon that she is, fulfills everyone’s fantasy of having a shopping mall all to themselves. With her cheeky humor, she goes from newsstand to newsstand, stealing and snorting snacks while lip-syncing and jumping to the funky, affirmative beat about body positivity and self-confidence. The video was shot on an iPhone at the Glendale Galleria shopping center, where Eilish had frequented as a teenager. As a side note, the pretzel was stale so it never ended up biting.

9 all good girls go to hell – 174 million views

TO continuation of “bury a friend”, Eilish refuses her injections as wings viscerally burst from her back. She falls from the skies and lands in an oil well from which she emerges onto a plot of land. He drags her along on his angel wings as fires are extinguished around him and set the wings on fire, burning them and giving them a new demonic appearance.

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After she made her transformation, there are female figures dancing in the fire behind her. The images and lyrics of the song are about global warming and misogyny.

8 everything I wanted – 201 million views

Becoming a world-famous musician overnight in your teens can be an overwhelming experience, if not downright traumatic, as Eilish describes in “All I wanted. “In her lyrics, she expresses how to get everything that she and anyone else wants, especially as a musician, forces her to change her way of life and her perception of people. Despite everything, she has her family and those she loves In the video, Billie and her brother Finneas drive a car into the ocean, voluntarily sinking into the depths together as they hold hands, an emotional project resulting from a tumultuous journey.

7 you should see me in a crown (vertical video) – 225 million views

This radio single he was sure to catch anyone who was somehow not yet started on his music after Billie’s debut. It’s a song that evokes the sense of power, confidence and violence from Lorde’s “Glory and Gore”, as Billie sings about the possibility of conquering the world effortlessly.

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The video features Billie comfortably in spider accessories and more importantly a season where a friendly tarantula comes out of her mouth. The strangeness of their interaction with spiders, as well as their icy gaze, may well cure anyone’s arachnophobia.

6 idontwannabeyouanymore (vertical video) – 254 million views

Confronting and honest, a young Billie stands in front of the mirror as she sings about fame, social expectations, and depression. She points and looks at herself as she says: “I don’t want to be you anymore. “A beautiful song combined with simple imagery emphasizes how we become our worst critics under the stern gaze of society.

5 Ocean Eyes: 336 million views

Billie’s debut single, the catchy single was originally written by his brother and producer Finneas for their band, and he decided that his sister’s voice would fit the sound better. This song, which originally aspired to be a dancer before sustaining a growth plate injury, seems to have started the course that would become her musical empire. In the video, Eilish sings to the music in a dreamy staging.

4 bury a friend – 394 million views

the cinematic and disorientingly creepy showcase Billie as a nightmare test subject who also functions as a bogeyman conquered the world, enchanting and intimidating many. Fast paced and creative cinema combine for a chilling display of Billie reeling and floating as she lip-syncs under harsh, strobing choreography. “bury a friend“It shows a more mature side to his campaign and features stunning darkness and blatant strangeness juxtaposed with his earlier soft-spoken, pop-influenced career.

3 when the party is over – 663 million views

TO heartbreaking but impressive technical displayBillie is seen sitting in a white room with a glass of thick poisonous-looking liquid in front of her. She drinks it whole, making her cry / bleed the dark fluid until it runs off the screen. It’s a harrowing expression that offers a lot to interpret, though Eilish has spoken about the toxic attributes of party and youth culture.

two bad boy – 1.053 billion views

bad boy“it’s a catchy color video about Billie being Billie (and turn sexism around). Eilish owns the landscape like the boss that she is, the mood allows anyone who sees her to touch her feet and sing as she owns the day. A staple in modern pop culture, the video and song have been parodied, memed, and referenced often in other media, as it may well be Billie’s most accessible single.

1 lovely – 1.061 billion

the great sounding melodic piece Accompanied by Khalid is an intense and emotionally motivated performance piece, as Billie and her counterpart are trapped inside a glass box, with chains around their necks. Perhaps a statement on how artists are often limited in how the public and society treat them or the potentially isolating nature of the relationship and depression, the two provide rich voices in a record-breaking video.

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