Both the King in Black and the God in Red are blazing paths of destruction in their respective universes, but only one has killed billions.

Spoilers for Future State: Green Lantern # 2 ahead!

the King in black has blazed a trail of destruction across the Marvel Universe, rampaging through world after world and killing billions, but in the world of DC Future state, the God in red it can be even worse. In the report of Future State: Green Lantern # 2, a squad of Green Lanterns Take on the fanatical followers of the God in Red and learn of the horrors committed in his name. Written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Tom Raney and colors by Mike Atiyeh, the issue is now available in stores and on all digital comic platforms.

Knull, also known as the King in Black, is the symbiote god, a dark and evil being from before creation who wishes to restore the universe to primordial darkness. This quest has led him to slaughter entire populations, as well as to enslave deities and celestials. The God in Red, currently making life hell for the former Green Lanterns in Future state, he is a mysterious being who has inspired a cult of violent death that threatens the galaxy. In this issue, fans learn not only the surprising identity of the God in Red, but also the depths of the evil that his followers have committed.

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The Green Lanterns have lost the use of their power rings in Future stateBut that doesn’t stop former Lantern John Stewart and his allies from fighting the Khunds, a warrior race that is rampaging across the galaxy in the name of the God of Red. The God is revealed as Orion of the New Genesis, which has since transcended to another plane of existence. He returns briefly to ours to inform his “followers” who have perverted his message. He tells them that he is the “god of soldiers” and that soldiers finish battles, they don’t start them; the exact opposite of what your followers are doing. The leader believes this vision to be a trick, but is quickly dispatched, and John Stewart takes command of the group after Orion declares that he is a true soldier, ready to lead them in a more benevolent direction.

While the message of the God in Red has been corrupted, the King in Black is pure evil, but the God in Red may be even worse. As Stewart prepares to show the Orion vision, he speculates that the followers of the God in Red may have slaughtered billions, if not trillion. Most estimates put the King in Black’s death toll at a few billion, giving the God in Red a significant advantage over Knull. Although the King in Black is a being of true and pure evil, he was met with almost immediate resistance, while the followers of the God in Red have managed to roam free for much longer. Ironically, the followers who misinterpreted their deity have done even more harm than emptiness made flesh.

It’s a tragic turn that only underscores the unnecessary loss of life thus far, reflecting a deeper insight into what drives such fanatic behavior in the real world. Despite that, with Green Lantern John Stewart now at the helm of God’s army, they will begin to atone for their sins and the death count will stop. Meanwhile, if the King in black continue on your current path, you will exceed the God in red extinguishing all reality, consolidating himself as the superior dark deity after all.

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