Mastered mods for Impostors in Among Us are nothing new, but turning the Impostor into Marvel’s Thanos is the most mastered an Imposter can get.

Although many of the modifications for Among us Try to introduce features that keep the game balanced and fair for both crewmates and imposters, some of the more popular content creators prefer to make and use mods that overpower imposters and introduce wacky new powers. These scenarios force the crew members in a lobby into new situations and can make the game exciting, if not exactly predictable. For cohesive groups just looking to have a good time and don’t invest as much in the competition, overpowered Impostor mods, like the God Mode mod and the Floor is Lava mod, can be fun and challenging new survival-style experiences for teammates. crew.

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Popular YouTuber and content creator SSundee He is well known for content that features some of the most powerful Impostor mods players can create, and he and many other creators recently tested a new mod that makes the Impostor the most powerful being in the galaxy – the Thanos Mod. mod turns the Imposter into Thanos, the immortal villain from Marvel’s Infinity Saga. Thanos gains new powers based on some of the Infinity Stones and in addition to the Kill option, Thanos can also Snap and make the dead crewmate disappear so no bodies can be found or reported. With this mod, it’s almost impossible for teammates to win, which can be part of the fun. Here’s how to play the Thanos mod on Among us.

Play as Thanos in Among Us

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Popular YouTubers and Sub & Fletch programmers are responsible for making this mod and have made it available to many other content creators on the Among us community. Although it is not widely available for download, players can get lucky entering a game that uses this mod by joining a server with multiple creators. They can also contact mod makers via Twitter to learn more about how to play it. It is also possible that, given its popularity, a version will be more available in the future.

The Thanos mod gives an imposter a variety of additional abilities. In addition to the Kill and Sabotage button, players will have buttons for the Reality, Mind, Space and Soul Stones, as well as the infamous Snap.

The Reality Stone button will allow Thanos to flip the map, making it harder for imposters to move around and complete tasks. The Mind Stone allows Thanos to use mind control of a crewmate and force him to kill, even when they are near other players. The Space Stone allows Thanos to teleport across the map to anywhere they want to go.

The Soul Stone allows the Thanos Deceiver to resurrect a dead crewmate, making them loyal to Thanos and a second Deceiver. This risen crewmate turned impostor can only sabotage and cannot kill, but he can help the Impostor Thanos win the game.

When Thanos uses the kill button, there will be a body for the crewmates to find and report or for Thanos to resurrect. However, if Thanos chooses to use the Snap button instead, the body will also disappear, leaving no trace that the crewmate was killed. When a crewmate dies due to the use of the Snap button, the camera will shake to alert other crewmates that this has happened.

It will be extremely rare for crewmates to win in this mode, but that can be part of the fun. Instead, crewmates can enjoy trying to stay alive and complete tasks like the Avengers amid sheer chaos, or they can return after death and betray their team. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

Players can see this mod in action in the SSundee video below.

Other creators, including Socksfor1 Y Lazarus, have made similar videos using versions of this mod, showing the range and adaptability it can have to a variety of play styles.

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Among us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

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