Comic book villains often have to deal with becoming intimately familiar with failure. In most cases, antagonists in the comics tend to face defeat over and over again at the hands of superheroes and other benefactors.

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However, every once in a while, villains have their day. Perhaps the most famous example is the former superhero Ozymandias, who carried out his master plot in Watchmen without incident. However, Ozymandias is not the only antagonist in the comics who managed to get everything he wanted. They may have fewer victories than heroes, but some villains have managed to achieve their goals, sometimes on a surprisingly large scale.

10 Ozymandias: massacre half of New York City to achieve world peace

“I did it thirty-five minutes ago.” With those fateful words, Ozymandias confirmed that Nite Owl and Rorschach were too late to stop their devastating plan to end the world conflict. After commissioning various scientists and artists to create a monster with a brain cloned from psychic Robert Deschaines.

Ozymandias had teleported the creature to New York City, knowing the shock would kill it and cause its brain to unleash a deadly psychic shockwave. Consequently, half of the city died, while many survivors lost their sanity. However, believing that a common alien threat had attacked Earth, most of the world’s major powers ceased hostilities, as Ozymandias had predicted.

9 Kraven the Hunter: proved himself a better spider-man

Kraven and Spider-Man in

Kraven had sometimes been treated as a joke prior to “Kraven’s Last Hunt”. However, that story proved that Kraven was not to be underestimated. Believing that Spider-Man was the latest incarnation of an imaginary being he called “the Spider”, Kraven shot Peter and buried him underground in a coffin. Kraven then began wearing his own version of Spider-Man’s black suit, believing he had to prove he was a better Spider than Peter.

Once he felt like he had proven himself by single-handedly defeating Vermin, a supervillain that Peter was unable to defeat himself, Kraven took his own life, satisfied.

8 Piccolo: Killed Raditz and his arch enemy, Goku

Before Little was an unconditional ally of Goku, he was the mortal enemy of the Saiyan. However, the two reluctantly joined forces to fight against Goku’s brother Raditz, whose power dwarfed theirs considerably. However, Piccolo had an ace up his sleeve: the Special Beam Cannon. Created specifically to kill Goku, the powerful energy attack could cut through even significantly stronger opponents, but it took time to charge.

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Raditz dodged Piccolo’s first special beam cannon, but Goku managed to grab his brother in a full nelson while Piccolo charged the second. The plan worked, but the special beam cannon cut through the Y Goku’s bodies, killing them both.

7 Black Adam: He took back his country, Kahndaq

Black Adam fights Shazam

Black adam It was always a bit strange for the JSA, given their preference for using deadly force on their enemies. This culminated in “Black Reign”, a story in which Adam, having left the JSA sometime before with Atom Smasher, assembled a group of like-minded superbeings to help him conquer his homeland, Kahndaq.

Black Adam and his allies were successful, and Adam once again became the ruler and protector of Kahndaq, as he had been thousands of years before. Black Adam’s reign ended during the series 52, but once again he became the ruler of the country, as appropriate, in the continuity of New 52.

6 Magneto: The United Nations gave him control of Genosha

Magneto rex

Most nations refuse to negotiate with terrorists. magnetHowever, it can create a particularly difficult deal. During the Magneto War History, the Master of Magnetism resurfaced after a long absence with an ultimatum: until the United Nations recognized him as the new leader of Genosha, he would wreak havoc with a worldwide electromagnetic storm.

While the X Men and Magneto’s clone Joseph finally stopped the attack, Magneto still received Genosha anyway, although the battle had weakened his powers. Magneto remained the leader of Genosha until Cassandra Nova decimated the island nation with her army of Wild Sentinels in the story “E is for Extinction”.

5 Darkseid: Conquered Earth and discovered the true anti-life equation … twice

JLA Rock of Ages Darkseid

The most infamous of the New Gods has successfully claimed Earth as his own on two occasions, both related to the Anti-Life Equation. The first was during the JLA story “Rock of Ages”, where the destruction of Worlogog in the present had somehow allowed Darkseid to conquer Earth in the future and control many of its citizens with the Anti-Life Equation. However, his reign was erased from history by the Flash, Aquaman, and the time-traveling Green Lantern.

Darkseid also seized Earth today during Final Crisis, even turning certain superheroes into his servants with the Anti-Life Equation. However, it was apparently destroyed by Superman.

4 Loki: defeated Thor and conquered Asgard

Loki and a Thor defeated in Robert Rodi and Esad Ribić's Loki

In Robert Rodi and Esad Ribić Loki, the God of Mischief finally took control of Asgard and defeated his foster brother … but he felt miserable. Loki Laufeyson, plagued by allies he was in debt to and provoked by his imprisoned enemies, became irritated and nervous, especially after learning that every other version of Loki in existence was doomed.

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Prompted to execute Thor, Loki relented instead, realizing that the god of thunder had been the only one who had shown him affection. As Loki tried to convince Thor to rule alongside him, Odinson did not let Laufeyson finish making his offer and beat him to Mjolnir.

3 Golgoth – ruled the world without being deposed

Golgoth in Empire

The whole premise of Mark Waid and Barry Kitson Empire revolves around a man who got everything he ever wanted. The series follows Golgoth, a supervillain who managed to take over Earth and defeat its heroes, including his arch nemesis Endymion.

Yet despite Golgoth’s success in conquering, there is some unrest in his global empire, thanks to the political intrigues of his ministers and advisers, as well as some shocking surprises involving those closest to him. However, despite the internal turmoil surrounding his rule, Golgoth’s control over Earth has thus far remained absolute.

two Lord Drakkon: “Killed” his good self, entered Morphin’s grid and rewrote reality

Lord Drakkon had already had great success in turning his reality into the World of the Coins. However, his first attempt to conquer the main Power Rangers timeline ended in failure. However, things turned around in “Shattered Grid” when he apparently killed Tommy Oliver from the main universe and used Morphin Grid to replace the multiverse with a single world where Drakkon was the greatest hero on Earth.

However, Drakkon’s reign was soon challenged by Tommy, whose spirit had survived thanks to the efforts of the Ranger Slayer. With the help of his fellow Mighty Morphin-era Rangers and Drakkon’s own doubts, Tommy defeated his evil self and reality returned to normal.

1 Doctor Doom – took over the entire Earth … and then took over the remnants of the multiverse

God Emperor Doom

For a man who rarely admits failure Doctor doom has had no shortage of setbacks. However, there are two occasions when he indisputably succeeded. The first was in the Emperor doom graphic novel, in which the supreme ruler of Latveria used a device powered by the Purple Man to make the world accept Doom as the emperor of Earth. However, Doom grew bored of ruling Earth and eventually let the Avengers and Namor defeat him.

Years later, Doom used Molecule Man to absorb the power of the Beyonders and reorganize the Earths they had not destroyed into a new Battleworld, which Doom ruled uninterruptedly (and without Reed Richards) for eight years.

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