One of the sad things about Rick and morty It’s that the grandson rarely gets his ideas implemented, or even recognized, but for the most part, his grandfather has a reason behind that decision. However, does this mean that everything Rick does is always correct? Sure, he would love to think like that, since his ego is as huge as his brainpower.

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As smart as he is, his actions have had some pretty disastrous consequences at times, and most often because he doesn’t envision the possible outcomes. In fact, it really doesn’t make sense for someone like Rick to make such basic mistakes, but he is human, after all (as much as he hates the idea of ​​being one).

10 Allow Jerry to access Mr. Meseeks

Mr Meeseeks Rick and Morty

For whatever reason, Rick thinks it’s wise to allow his family to use his Meseeks box, in hopes of distracting them. While Beth and Summer’s entities quickly disappear after completing their task, it’s clear there’s no way Jerry’s golf-themed demand could be easily met.

Rick should have been fully aware of his son-in-law’s idiocy and consequently made sure that something like this never happens. His own daughter was in danger at one point!

9 Becoming Tiny Rick

Rick becomes a smaller version of himself (acting but doesn’t look younger), and his internal psyche begins to unravel. He can’t seem to communicate this clearly to his grandchildren, and it takes much longer than usual because Morty vehemently refuses to allow Summer to change his grandfather to normal.

Fortunately, he regains consciousness in time and forces Tiny Rick back to his original form. The oldest is not so unprepared that he has no contingency plans. Or is it him?

8 Pathogenic ice cream

Rick and Morty Quiz - Jerry Smith

Poor Jerry is admitted to St. Gloopy Noops intergalactic hospital for consuming the Cherry Garcia ice cream (from Ben & Jerry’s) that his father-in-law kept in the family refrigerator.

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Although he doesn’t die, why the hell would Rick so thoughtlessly keep his dangerous bacteria inside a tub of delicious desert, fully aware that someone might accidentally eat them? It could have been Morty, Beth or Summer.

7 A robot to pass butter

Butter Robot Rick and Morty

The butter-passing robot clearly exists because Rick Sanchez wants to demonstrate his intelligence, because who else would create a semi-conscious entity for the sole purpose of being the most useless waiter out there?

That sad thing probably spends the rest of its “life” miserably posing over the dilemma of its existence, simply because its creator doesn’t care in the least. More importantly, there are many much simpler ways to design the act of buttering.

6 Your Microverse car battery

Rick and Morty Microverse Battery

Rather than being a normal person and finding a sensible way to power his car, Rick chooses to devise a complex battery system involving a micro-universe, within which he is treated like a God.

He convinces the people there to produce energy through physical labor, happily stealing most of it for his motor. Rick has found some really fantastic energy sources involving dark matter and the like; Did he need to do something so elaborate and pretentious? For real?

5 Creating Abradolf Lincoler

One of Rick’s most embarrassing creations is Abradolf Lincoler, a poor soul who contains the combined genetics of Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln. He claims that he wants to create the most morally neutral being there is, but it doesn’t work as expected.

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Another living thing endures the agony of not having a role to play in the universe, at least until it becomes a toy for a couple of Testicle Monsters. At least Rick admits his mistake in this case.

4 Pickle rick

To avoid going to a psychologist, Rick transforms into a pickle, but finds himself in one when he is forced to fight his way through the sewers, battling cockroaches and rats.

Although he emerges victorious, he really shouldn’t be that proud of his achievement, considering that he completely denies the effort that Beth, Morty, and Summer have put into his therapy. In fact, he even manages to remove Beth from the perspective of stability, ignoring the needs of her grandchildren.

3 Your Cronenberg Love Potion

Rick and Morty Cronenberg Dimension

Rick tries to “help” Morty with his girl problem by conceiving a potion that would make Jessica fall in love with him. This is clearly a disaster, because everyone who accidentally breathes the fumes becomes disorderly and violent fascinated by Morty.

His attempts to fix the situation are even greater failures, ultimately culminating in his home planet being invaded by hideously hideous monsters with all kinds of DNA spliced ​​into their unwitting bodies. Rick has no choice but to escape.

two The ionic defibulizer

Dead rick and morty

After Rick Cronenbergs the entirety of C-137 Earth, he and Morty flee to an alternate reality where the two of them had already been killed. The Rick in this dimension invents an ion defibulizer, and his Morty actually hands him the screwdriver, resulting in a massive explosion.

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Since both Ricks had created the same device, it means that they were both supposed to have exploded. Is it possible that he makes such a mistake? So how did they not kill him until now?

1 Anything that makes Morty do

Although he has his own reasons for taking Morty on adventures, it doesn’t make sense for him to treat his grandson the way he does. Asking the child to carry huge (and rather pointy) seeds into his rectum, deliberately putting him in danger for nothing more than a laugh, none of these things is smart.

It’s truly a wonder that Morty survived his grandfather’s strange plans, and it’s even more surprising that he continues to travel with him. Perhaps the end of the series has some resolution.

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