Scrubs it’s a wonderful sitcom, and it fit the line between wacky comedy and serious drama perfectly. The show often performs above its contemporaries for a variety of reasons. The humor comes from a wide variety of angles, including puns, visual jokes, and JD’s unique imagination. It also sounds a lot like an episodic hospital drama, only with heavy doses of humor and elements of fantasy. Finally, it was reportedly one of the most medically accurate TV shows, despite being a sitcom.

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At the heart of the story is JD, and while he makes for a great lead, one can’t help but wonder how the show would have played out if Turk was the main character.

10 JD: Your imagination

JD imagines himself as a pimp

One of the things that elevates Scrubs Above his contemporaries are JD’s dream sequences. JD’s imagination serves as a main focal point of each episode, as much of the humor is derived from what JD imagines and from the wacky and surreal imagery that imagination evokes. No other sitcom, and certainly no other medical drama, he was doing something like that at the time. Imagination sequences help to give Scrubs his unique personality, and without them (say, if Turk was the main character), then Scrubs it just wouldn’t be Scrubs.

9 Turk: Relationship with Carla

Like many sitcoms, Scrubs stars a host of women who serve as potential love interests for JD. Add variety to the show, and watching JD interact with the different women is always entertaining. If Turk was the central character, then Scrubs it would be a very different show. Turk and Carla stand their ground throughout the show (mostly), with each supporting and loving each other equally. If Turk was the protagonist, Scrubs It would have been more of a relationship drama, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

8 JD: Doctor

JD’s job as a physician serves as a perfect entry point for Scrubs and the audience. The work allows JD to walk through the characters / patients, and it allows the writers to be creative. Some patients have cancer, some suffer from rare diseases, some die, some live, and some are even hypochondriacs with nothing wrong. Variety helps maintain Scrubs cool and exciting, and it also allows JD to react to different situations with different emotions.

7 Turk: Surgeon

JD and Turk in Scrubs

The fact that Turk’s patients are unconscious would not allow for the exciting and emotional interactions that JD has with his own. That said, Turk’s role as a surgeon would also have been very exciting and emotional if he were the focal point of the show.

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By its very nature, surgical work is more dramatic and “exciting” than JD’s work as a doctor, and it could generate highly unpredictable and emotional insight. The variety is there as well, as sick and injured people need surgery for a wide variety of reasons.

6 JD: It’s more emotional

Scrubs is often noted for its dramatic elements, and most of the drama stems from JD’s interactions with his patients. JD is a very emotional and open person, and can openly express feelings of regret, sadness, and loss. Scenes involving JD can range from hilarious to poignant to deeply tragic, often all in the same scene. On the other hand, Turk is much more closed. They do not usually express emotions or feelings, and even when they do, they are relatively silent. With Turk as the lead, the show would lose much of its heart.

5 Turkish: alpha male

Turk is not an emotional person. He likes to be seen as the “alpha male”, and a lot of jokes are made about his masculinity and lack of JD. Turk’s status as the “best dog” is often seen within the hospital itself, as Turk often expresses leadership qualities, proves to be very competitive with his fellow surgeons, and often jokes with his friends at work. If Turk was the protagonist, Scrubs it would be much more in keeping with a “buddy comedy,” and could have been an interesting visualization.

4 JD: It’s crazier

Fortunately, Scrubs it’s perfect as it is. And that’s largely due to JD’s crazy antics. JD is the perfect and personable lead, not only because he’s more expressive and outspoken, but because his personality is more in keeping with traditional sitcom values.

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He stumbles and goes berserk, he’s often awful with women, he’s awkward, he’s louder and dumber, and in many ways he’s dumber – in short, funny traits often seen in a sitcom. In comparison, Turk is more reserved, more closed, more stable in his love life, and possibly more intelligent. In other words, more boring.

3 Turk: his faith

It’s pretty clear that Turk is a devout Catholic and his religion sometimes clashes with his job as a surgeon. Unfortunately, the show did not explore this topic to its fullest potential. Only one episode was dedicated to Turk’s crisis of faith due to the often desperate and ruthless nature of the hospital, and it was a fantastic episode. With Turk as the lead, the show could have gone even deeper into this interesting topic.

two JD: Cox

Of course, Scrubs it would be nothing without Dr. Cox. Often times, the audience can get a glimpse of Cox’s life through JD, as the two work together as doctors. Since Cox is a doctor and Turk is a surgeon, the show would have a lot less Cox if Turk was the main focus, and that wouldn’t be good. Yes, Cox and Turk still interact on a regular basis, and even serve as alpha male rivals. But Scrubs It just wouldn’t be the same without hearing Cox’s endless supply of girl names for JD.

1 Turk: Health problems

Like Turk’s religion and crisis of faith, his health issues might also have turned out to be an interesting topic to explore. Turk is diagnosed with diabetes, and while it’s not the most serious condition, the struggle he faces could have been a very interesting visualization. It has also been established that Turk is more of a hypochondriac than JD, which is evident when he goes to the hospital for a simple stomach ache, the result of eating too many all-he-can-eat steaks. The fact that he is a hypochondriac and a diabetic could have led to some great stories.

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