Unlike its faster predecessor, Future State’s Flash, aka Kid Quick, has more of a generous spirit when it comes to speed.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Future State: Justice League # two

Dc comicsThe dynasty of crimson and yellow-clad sprinters is one of the company’s crown jewels. There has been a Flash in each premiere team of the League of Justice, the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, Young Justice and even Future stateSuicide Squad. What all of its members have in common is a connection to the boundless field of cosmic energy known as the Speed ​​Force. That is not to say that all Flash are equally fast or that their powers are identical to each other. In fact, there is a well-established spectrum of powers and abilities within the ranks of sprinters. And now, there’s a new Flash in town straight out of the DC multiverse, and his name is Jess Chambers.

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Not only is the newest member of the Flash family genderfluid (non-binary) and uses his / her pronouns, but they are from a completely different Earth. Chambers specifically hails from Earth-11, where they are known as Kid Quick and serve on that universe’s Juvenile Justice team. But that’s not all that sets this sprinter apart from the rest. In fact, what makes this scarlet sprinter so unique is the exact opposite ability of the world’s fastest man, Wally West.

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In Future State: Justice League # 2, written by Ram V. and Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Marcio Takara and Robson Rocha, the league has been stranded in a alternate version of Earth whose surface is scorched in fire and ash. Back on Earth-0, the white Martian Hyperclan has put their shapeshifting abilities to good use and taken on the Leaguers’ identities, and it’s only a matter of time before their nefarious plan comes to fruition. Fortunately, Chambers has a few tricks in his sleeve. Not only can they sense the vibrational frequencies of planets, they can also track the frequency of other planets (including their home Earth) throughout the multiverse. And this is where things get even more impressive, Chambers can share his speed, presumably by expanding the Speed ​​Force bubble They take advantage, with the rest of the team, long enough to leap across the universe. Other speedsters have done this before, but only with members of the Flash family.

This is a marked point of differentiation between Chambers and the fastest Flash, Wally West, who won his title in part using a secondary ability of his own. Unlike Kid Quick, West can steal speed from others to complement his own and not just other sprinters, but anyone or anything that moves. For example, in the writer Joshua Williamson and the artist Jorge Corona The flash (2016) # 9, Wally uses the speed force to steal the speed of an explosion. It’s an impressive feat that West has used multiple times. along the his long tenure as Flash.

Although readers may sometimes feel that there is a glut of interchangeable sprinters running through the Dc comics multiverse, it is important to remember that not all Flash is created equal. Its individual connections to the Speed ​​Force create variety in form and function, but more importantly allow for more subtle contrasts. Ultimately, Jess Chambers may never be as fast as Wally West, but thanks to them, the Future State Justice League has an easy means of traveling between dimensions at their disposal, which can prove very useful at the border. ever-expanding comics.

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