On the eve of Young Rock’s debut episode, NBC released a first look at the upcoming television series based on the life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

NBC Young rock shared a first look at the upcoming television series, focusing on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s upbringing in the “unpredictable world of professional wrestling.”

On the eve of his premiere episode debut, Johnson gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from the biographical series that is as focused on him as his family’s fighting legacy. “This whole series is inspired by moments in my life growing up,” he said. “We are my mom and I following my dad around the world as he fights,” he added, between clips from the series.

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“It’s my early years as a teenager,” he said before the camera jumped to show a clip from the show where a mustachioed teenager Dwayne (played by Bradley Constant) pretended to be called Tomas because he sounded cooler than ‘Dwayne.’

Johnson continued, “I went to about 3 to 4 different high schools. When I was 15, they all thought I was an undercover cop,” he added, jokingly referring to the growth of his facial hair at a young age and the overall size that gave him. he was bigger than most teenagers his age.

Clips from the show also included a first look at the actors playing the roles of iconic WWE legends like Junkyard Dog, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant and Vince McMahon. the Young rock The promo also showcased her family side on the series and within the world of professional wrestling, which will include her grandmother, Lia Maivia (played by Ana Tuisila) who in Johnson’s words was “the first female wrestling promoter. “. In Tuisila’s words, “She (Lia) had to be twice as bad to get the respect of a male-dominated sport.”

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Young rockThe 11-episode comedy series will focus on the titular star’s tough upbringing, one that included multiple stints in prison, and how that propelled him to stardom, first as a college football star and then both in the square circle and in the big screen. It will also chronicle the early years of WWE from the 1980s onwards.

Created by Nahnatchka Khan and produced by Johnson, Young rock stars Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu as the title role with Stacey Leilua Ata and Joseph Lee Anderson as their parents Ata and Rocky. Young rock It will premiere on NBC on February 16.

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Source: YouTube / NBC

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