Rachel Lindsay Abasolo has been outspoken about the issues surrounding The Bachelor franchise since her turn as The Bachelorette.

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo has been outspoken about the issues surrounding The Bachelor franchise from his turn as High school. She has some choice words for Chris Harrison after his controversial interview with her and subsequent apology.

Rachel’s season of High school aired in 2017, and was the first black Bachelorette party. The season was a huge milestone for the franchise, which has never had a black lead of any gender before. Fans were delighted that she took the lead due to her intelligence and upbeat personality. Rachel chose Bryan Abasolo as her winner, and the two have since been married. Rachel now hosts the Bachelor happy hour Y Increased learning podcasts, as well as hosting Extra and MTV’s Ghost. The lawyer and television personality recently interviewed Chris Harrison for Extra on the racist behavior of current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell in the past and on social media. Chris’ shocking and offensive defense of Rachael’s racist actions enraged fans and Single alum alike. Fans started a petition to get him fired, and Single Stars like Tayshia Adams, Taylor Nolan, Demi Burnett, Mike Johnson and many others posted on social media about their disappointment in the show and in Chris.

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Rachel shared her reaction to the interview and Chris’s apology on the Higher Education with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay podcast. Rachel said that she “I wasn’t surprised by what he said. I was surprised when he said it in front of the camera.” She said that doing the interview was very uncomfortable for her, but that “He needed people to hear what was happening.” Rachel was frustrated with Chris’s apology and said what viewers saw during the interview is her authentic opinion. “Tuesday was your truth” she said of the interview, “Wednesday was the aftermath” referring to the apology. She tried to stay calm and not be too outspoken during the interview to allow Chris to show his true opinions. “During that conversation, his privilege was shown,” she commented.

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Rachel expressed her frustration not only with Chris, but with the show in general. She said that while she is contractually bound to some things at the moment, she will not renew her contract with the show. “I can not hold it anymore,” she said on the podcast, “I’m fucking tired.” Rachel explained that she went to the show first to increase representation, and has continually been frustrated with the small steps the show takes. She threatened to cut ties with the show last year due to lack of representation, but relented when Matt James was cast as the first Black. Single. In Extra On Monday, Rachel reacted to Chris’s statement that she would walk away from the show to find out. While Rachel did not definitively say that he should be fired, she re-emphasized that she is not ready to believe his apology was genuine.

Chris Harrison’s apology hasn’t done much to soften his comments to the rest of the Bachelor Nation either. The show will have to address this scandal even further to regain the trust of fans.

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Source: Higher Education with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay

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