One of the biggest compliments I believe [Kristen Wiig] is that when we did the first screening tests, there were so many people who said: ‘Who is that villain? She is so good. I can’t point to who the actress is. ” And that, I think, is a great compliment to her role. My other funny short story on that is that we had a guy working on the movie, doing some color work early in the process. He worked on the movie for three days. Every day, I’d check it out and say, ‘Don’t tell me. I haven’t figured it out yet. I have to go to IMDB. But I want to find out who it is. ‘ He worked on it for three days and didn’t realize it was Kristen. We do a couple of tricks. We added a little gap in the teeth … and a little prosthetic nose, and obviously she’s actually wearing some cool contact lenses. But the rest is just his acting and how he completely goes from one character to another.

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