A prominent YouTuber Call of Duty gamer has revealed how to unlock the unreleased Sykov pistol ahead of the release of Warzone Season 2.

A prominent YouTube gamer has discovered an exploit in Call of Duty: War Zone that allows users to access an unreleased pistol known as a Sykov. The next content comes as the controversy continues over the weapons that have been polished in War zone, prompting angry fans to express their frustration on social media sites. This is part of an effort by the developers to ensure that the game remains balanced and fair for all players.

The second season of War zone will be released on February 24, which means that fans shouldn’t have to wait long to get access to new content. A trailer for War zones new update released on February 16, giving fans a sneak peek at what to expect from both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the Battle Royale game for the next several weeks. This followed a first season that featured new maps, weapons, and operators along with a number of additional game modes.

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Players can unlock and use a Call of Duty: War Zone weapon ahead of schedule thanks to an exploit discovered by an influential player JGOD. In a video posted on YouTube, the streamer shows users how they can access the leaked weapon before it is officially available. The Sykov pistol is apparently intended to be released as part of season 2 of War zone, and it is a fully automatic weapon that protrudes at close range. Of course, that could change by when it’s cast correctly, and the developer will make balance changes to make the weapon more fair.

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Unlocking Sykov is a fairly simple process. Users should finish five matches with four pistol kills and then see a flashing green square on the War zone menu. If that symbol does not appear, players can start a cooperative survival match and access the weapon station to check their progress. Once unlocked, players can add a variety of accessories, including an 80-round magazine and an Akimbo setup.

Recently, Raven Software issued a new patch for War zone which fixed two troublesome bugs. The glitches included invisible hit markers, so players were unaware if their shots were actually hitting enemies, along with a broken XP progression for weapons in online mode. The update apparently fixed both of these issues, solving two of the biggest recent complaints with the Battle Royale title.

Although it is only a matter of a few days before season 2 of War zone drops, fans will no doubt still be excited to experience the Sykov pistol for themselves. However, players shouldn’t get too used to a weapon that is likely to change significantly in the coming days and weeks as the developers tweak it to ensure it remains balanced.

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Call of Duty: War Zone is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

Source: JGOD / YouTube

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