Cyberpunk 2077’s post-Lifepath intro montage shows the six-month development of V’s friendship with Jackie. People should have been able to play it.

Cyberpunk 2077 places a great emphasis on relationships, and who players hang out with can have an effect on how the game unfolds. The first significant relationship players build is with Jackie Welles, a former member of the Valentinos gang and a Heywood mercenary. No matter what Lifepath players choose, Jackie will always be a part of their experience. While there are rumors of a Jackie Welles DLC, CD Projekt Red missed an opportunity to enhance Jackie’s character and her relationship with V by making the prologue montage after every Lifepath intro truly playable.

If each Lifepath intro is any indication, maybe Jackie’s relationship with V should vary depending on which Lifepath Cyberpunk the players chose. At the Corpo Lifepath, Jackie and V are friends, and V attempts to enlist Jackie’s help with a hit on Arasaka’s director of special operations, Susan Abernathy. When Abernathy learns of the hit and shoots V, Jackie helps V to his feet and start over. The Street Kid Lifepath involves Jackie intercepting V on a carjacking job and the two are nearly arrested. Even though Street Kid V and Jackie are from Heywood, they never met until they finished work and became friends after Jackie offers to have lunch with V. Finally, Nomad Lifepath has Jackie as V’s client at a job. to smuggle a product. made by the Arasaka Corporation in Night City. The job goes astray and leads Jackie and V to fend off border security before sneaking into Night City.

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Cyberpunk 2077 The prologue montage is the same for everyone, with Jackie and V living it out in Night City. V moves in with Jackie and her mother, Mama Welles. Jackie and V can be seen doing mercenary work with repairmen like Father, meeting Misty and Victor, going to clubs, and spending their hard-earned eddies on things like Jackie’s iconic pistols, V’s car, and V’s apartment. The two can also be seen getting into trouble with bands like 6th Street and Tyger Claws. See how much relationships matter in Cyberpunk 2077, Allowing players to play through this montage could have created deeper and more meaningful relationships with Jackie and other characters.

Cyberpunk 2077 montage skipped too much

Cyberpunk 2077 Jackie and Mama Welles Montage

While there is an opportunity to learn more about Jackie’s past at the “Heroes” concert, players never get to know much about Jackie in the amount of time they have with him. Players know that Jackie was a member of the Valentinos gang, thanks to dialogue and information from Jackie’s database, but they never find out why he joined the gang. The players also know little about the history of Jackie and Misty, but all that is really known is that they are in a relationship and that the two had a fight before the concert of “The Heist”. Making the montage playable perhaps could have allowed Jackie and V to really talk and get to know each other in a similar way to the brief moment that V shares with Takemura.

The additional gameplay could have also allowed players to get a feel for how various systems and mechanics work, such as repairmen, gigs, gangs, and vehicle buying, rather than all of it happening through phone calls. The montage may consist of multiple snippets of content cut from Cyberpunk 2077, and the amount of play that could have been added via montage would have added to the time it takes to beat Cyberpunk 2077 if it had been included.

Cyberpunk 2077 It is about V’s journey. Although the story focuses primarily on the relationship between V and Johnny Silverhand, V’s relationships with characters like Jackie, Judy Alvarez, and Panam Palmer are also important. While Judy and Panam are given full stories, Jackie, the first major character players meet, has her story at the end of the game. Jackie has a huge impact on the plot of Cyberpunk 2077 in a short time despite having an underdeveloped history. If the Jackie Welles DLC rumors are true, it could make up for the lost time that players were unable to ride.

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