Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan are hands down two of Darren Aronofsky’s best works, but which is the best movie?

Requiem for a Dream Y Black Swan they are indisputably two of Darren Aronofsky’s best works. From the cinematography to the acting to the soundtrack, all of its elements seem absolutely flawless compared to his other feature films.

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And in fact both Requiem for a Dream Y Black Swan they were very commercially and critically successful, earning the status of modern masterpieces. But this kind of success has also led fans to compare the two to determine which one is better based on their different strengths and weaknesses.

10 Requiem for a dream: the soundtrack stays longer with the audience

One thing that definitely stands out in Requiem for a Dream is its incredible soundtrack. Composed by Clint Mansell, it was praised by critics particularly for its minimalism.

By far the most famous track in the movie is “Lux Aeterna,” which became a pop culture phenomenon and was repurposed in different media, including movie trailers for features like Sunshine, I’m legend, The Da Vinci Code, and others.

9 Black Swan: The main artists do a great job

Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010)

No wonder Natalie Portman won Best Actress at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs for her lead role as Nina Sayers; his character is really believable.

And more than that, other actors did an equally outstanding job with their roles. From Mila Kunis to Vincent Cassel and Barbara Hershey, they are all great.

8 Requiem for a dream: the edition is unique

Like the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream, its edition is equally unique. Darren Aronofsky also used a similar type of montage in his previous film. Pi.

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Aronofsky used extremely short shot montages (also known as a hip hop montage) and split screen to represent the state the main characters were in throughout the film.

7 Black Swan – The costumes and set design are quite intricate

Nina black swan

Because it is a film that primarily features ballet and ballet dancers, the costumes and set design had to be done quite intricately to fully immerse the audience in the story.

Although most of the time Nina wears normal clothes, she has two ballet dresses to perform on stage during the final scenes. Some other characters like Lily from Kunis also get their own fair share of beautiful costume designs.

6 Requiem for a dream: the mood is much darker

Aronofsky likes to work with darker themes in his works, especially, it seems that when he’s making psychological thrillers that explore the inner demons of his characters, and Requiem for a Dream is no different.

But the movie seems to want to laugh at its characters in a cruel way, integrating a darker humor into its story. Viewers can see themselves in these tragic characters and laugh at the utter helplessness of their lives, even if this laugh comes from a darker state of mind.

5 Black Swan: there are peculiar secondary characters

Requiem for a Dream has four main characters, so he is more focused on their stories than ever, but Black Swan has a slightly different approach to his own characters.

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Natalie Portman plays the main character, while Mila Kunis plays a prominent supporting role along with other actors. However, there are also some very peculiar supporting characters that the audience may remember just because of the casting choices that were made for them (for example, Winona Ryder and Sebastian Stan).

4 Requiem for a dream: cinematography is more impressive

Requiem for a Dream

It’s indisputable that Aronofsky makes sure all his films stand out visually, but the look of Requiem for a Dream shows more impressive cinematography than Black Swan.

Every shot seems like a lot of thought was put into it: the one where Harry and Marion are sprawled on the floor, the scenes of Sara imagining herself on the game show, and so on.

3 Black Swan: the concept is more unique

Even though there are many movies that cover drug addiction (The Basketball Diaries, Trainspotting, Y Handsome boy just to name a few), there aren’t many movies that specifically focus on ballet.

And that is exactly why the concept of Black Swan instantly becomes more unique. It is a movie about obsession that is similar to addiction but still different from it. It is still a film that focuses primarily on ballet and what ballet dancers go through.

two Requiem for a dream: the atmosphere attracts the public

The atmosphere of Requiem for a Dream It is the one that attracts the public immediately. Logically, such a movie is much more interesting to watch because viewers never get bored or tired of it.

Whether it’s cinematography or editing or acting or all of these things and more together, it’s obvious even from the very first takes that this movie will be a worthwhile experience.

1 Black Swan: The themes feel deeper

As mentioned above, both movies are similar in their themes. At the most basic level, obsession and addiction are not that different.

And yet there are differences in the themes Black Swan Y Requiem for a Dream Cover with the former with deeper topics that focus on the connection between paranoia and perfection, as well as the price of greatness.

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