Pan is one of the central characters in Dragon Ball GT and grows up in various ways in the latest episode of the anime.

the Dragon Ball The franchise is still incredibly popular, but Dragon Ball GT it still looks like a somewhat controversial chapter in the series’ history. The launch of Dragon ball super has largely done Dragon Ball GT irrelevant, but there is a definite charm and unique energy to the imperfect sequel series.

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One of the main advantages of Dragon Ball GT is that the series allows the characters to age a bit, which in the case of Goku’s granddaughter, Pan, makes a significant difference. Pan is one of Dragon Ball GT’s central characters and she grows up in various ways in the latest episode of the anime.

10 She has been in space

Dragon Ball It is a series set on Earth, but over time the characters have needed to explore the galaxy. Dragon Ball GT allows Pan’s horizons to be greatly expanded when he goes on a mission with Goku and Trunks to help recover the Black Star Dragon Balls.

This not only allows Pan to leave Earth, she visits many planets and becomes quite mundane when it comes to new alien species along with the threats that populate the universe. This can be a difficult transition for some, but Pan relishes the opportunity to travel.

9 She fights with her grandfather

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Goku Trunks Kamehameha

A common problem with Dragon Ball is that eventually things generally turn into “The Goku Show” where he’s always the one who saves the day. Dragon Ball GT works hard to develop a balance between Goku, Pan, and Trunks, who are particularly helpful in Goku since he’s trapped in a child’s body.

Pan respects his grandfather at the beginning of GT, but the anime allows them to fight together as equals. Pan and Goku face many of the Shadow Dragons together and develop a real relationship that was not present beforehand. They even develop joint techniques together.

8 She masters new techniques

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Energy Wave Attack

Most of the characters in Dragon Ball They have a natural affinity for combat, but those who have a combined heritage of human and Saiyan blood typically grow stronger at a very young age. Dragon ball super shows that Pan masters the ability to fly while still a baby.

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She enters Dragon Ball GT with rudimentary knowledge of battle, but little by little he learns a strong repertoire of attacks. Pan adopts Kamehameha and Masenko as tributes to his family, but the Full Power Energy Wave is another extremely efficient maneuver that he debuts during his fight against Baby.

7 She watches friends and family die

Dragon Ball GT Krillin dies Android 18 cries sad

Characters in Dragon Ball they have a tendency to grow much faster because death is a constant occurrence. Pan is still a child, but she accepts a great responsibility when she rises to the call to action in Dragon Ball GT.

Survival is one thing, but Pan also has to see how those closest to her and her family meet the untimely end of the villains’ acts. It’s devastating that Pan witnesses Krillin’s death, finds out about Piccolo’s transfer to Hell, and briefly thinks that Goku passed away too. It hardens it.

6 She has been sucked into a shadow dragon

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan absorbed by Naturon Shenron

Dragon Ball GT It has its flaws, but the villains are inventive and incorporate some creative ideas into the anime. The Shadow Dragons They are the final opponents that Goku and company face, and they are a fairly mixed group of enemies. Pan plays a decisive role in the defeat of these Shadow Dragons alongside Goku, but suffers a traumatic event in the battle with Naturon Shenron. Naturon absorbs Pan into his body, which means that Goku cannot defeat him without also eliminating Pan. It is a terrible experience, but Pan and Goku are able to outwit Naturon and become stronger for it.

5 She has taken lives

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Attacks Dr Gero

Pan is only 10 years old at the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, but the anime He puts her in immediate danger and makes her fight for her life.

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She is not only instrumental in destroying Luud and many Machine Mutant guards, but she also sends The top rank officers of the Red Ribbon Army back to hell after they escape. For Dragon Ball GT’s In the end, Pan has definitely shown that he has the fighting instinct to do whatever it takes if the battle calls for it.

4 She learns to dance

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Para Para Boogie

Pan is one of the few Saiyan women in the franchise when Dragon Ball GT first releases and it’s an interesting mix of sensibilities. Pan adopts a tomboy aesthetic and prefers to fight over other activities that could be considered more conventionally feminine.

Pan is not the most elegant or handy with the rhythm at the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, but under pressure the Para Para Boogie of the Para Para Brothers dominates. It’s one of the funniest detours that Dragon Ball GT take, but these dance moves stick with Pan and she looks a little more graceful afterward.

3 She has grandchildren

Dragon Ball GT is the shortest of the Dragon Ball anime, but ends up covering most of the ground in a strange way due to some radical advancements in time. Pan isn’t even a teenager when Dragon Ball GT it begins, but this sweet epilogue shows that Pan happens to be 100 years old and have your own family. An elderly Pan proudly watches one of her descendants, Goku Jr., participate in the Tenkaichi Budokai as everything shuts down.

two She gets to use the Dragon Balls

Despite how Dragon Ball is in the series title, the scope of the franchise has evolved so much that sometimes the wish-granting orbs they are treated as an afterthought. Dragon Ball GT brings the Dragon Balls back into the picture in an important way with a destructive new set of orbs. Pan gets involved in all this and learns a lot about the Dragon Balls. They range from a legend you’ve heard a lot about to something you’ve been involved in.

1 She has become a doll

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan turned into a doll

Dragon Ball GT eventually turns into an action-oriented series like Dragon Ball Z, but its first few episodes engage in particularly silly episodic narration. One of Pan’s craziest adventures involves being turned into a doll and held captive by the deranged Dolltaki.

Fortunately, Pan can come out of this strange torture and eliminate both Dolltaki and Luud, who are responsible. Pan is one of the few Dragon Ball characters that don’t die, but turning into a doll seems to make her more serious when it comes to battle.

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