The Companions update for No Man’s Sky launches today and adds a lot of cool new features. Here’s everything fans need to know about the update.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Nobody’s heaven Released, the game is getting all kinds of updates throughout the year. This begins with the Companions update, which will be released on February 17, 2021. The Companions update adds some really cool new features to the game. Here’s everything fans need to know.

Since its launch, Nobody’s heaven has received many notable updates. Just last month Nobody’s heaven implemented an update to improve the performance of PlayStation 5 and PSVR. This month, developer Hello Games will release the Companions update. Fans should be very excited about the patch, because it allows Travelers to tame, train, breed, and even talk to the creatures they encounter in the game.

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The planets in Nobody’s heaven they are diverse and numerous. Last year’s Origins update added more diversity to the creatures and terrain of the planets. These planets are filled with various wild animals ranging from cheesy to intimidating to just plain weird. Now, thanks to the new Companions update, Travelers can adopt a creature and train it. With proper rearing, the creatures can reproduce and even lay eggs. It is quite exciting and will most likely change the shape Nobody’s heaven it is played by anyone who wants to prey on domesticated creatures.

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How creature taming works in No Man’s Sky Companions update

update from nobody's sky companions

The domestication of creatures is the focus of Nobody’s heavenCompanion Update. Once tamed, the creature will roam alongside the Travelers. The personality of a creature depends on its species and planet, which means that each creature that players come across must feel somewhat unique. The creatures can be used in a number of useful ways: they can search for resources, search for treasure, mark dangers, extract materials, and find settlements. A neural harness connects to the Traveler Exosuits, allowing players to hear the thoughts of their creatures and better bond with them.

It can be fed, petted, and played with the creatures, making it a lot like having a real pet. With the right amount of rearing, a creature can even lay eggs, which players can watch hatch and then watch the babies grow into adulthood. Space Anomaly’s new Egg Sequencer will allow players to genetically modify eggs, turning these creatures into even cooler species. Like many of the past updates in No Man’s Sky, the Companions update is free for game owners.

After getting off a rocky boat, Nobody’s heaven has become one of the most impressive modern games, thanks in part to the many updates that Hello Games has added. The new Companions update looks like a lot of fun and is a great way to start celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary this year.

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