Wilfredo Torres shared his design work for the upcoming Superman ’78 digital series, which features perfect replicas of the film’s actors.

Wilfredo Torres shared his first designs for the next digital-first Superman 78 Serie.

“If you know me, you know how much I love this guy,” Torres wrote, referring to Superman. “I never imagined that this project would be possible, much less that I would receive the call.” Torres also thanked writer Robert Venditti and editor Andrew Marino, as well as colorist Jordie Bellaire for working with him on the project.

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In a follow-up tweet, Torres posted preliminary drawings with Superman / Clark Kent and Lois Lane, which perfectly reproduce the faces of Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder. “I don’t want to spoil anything, so here are a couple of preliminary drawings I did for the project,” Torres wrote.

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Superman 78 takes place in the Richard Donner-directed movie universe, with Clark Kent beginning his journey as Superman and Lois Lane not realizing their dual identities. Reeve played Superman in four feature films, with Donner directing the first two, but being replaced in the last of them. Superman 78 will also be accompanied by Batman ’89, which takes place in the world of the Batman films directed by Tim Burton and follows the adventures of Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight.

Continuing the Twisted Adventures of DC’s Dark Knight from Tim Burton’s seminal classic bat Man films, Batman ’89 brings screenwriter Sam Hamm (Batman, Batman Returns) and artist Joe Quinones (Dial H for Hero) to pull a series of threads that the prolific director left hanging. The goth mentality behind the world, while still ingrained in a sense of realism, helped inform many of DC’s global fans about Gotham’s first impressions of the Dark Knight. In the new Batman ’89 Hamm and Quinones will help usher in Selina Kyle / Catwoman’s return and debut with a new Robin! Additionally, Quinones has a vision for Harvey Dent / Two-Face that is closer to movie magic than a comic book.

And in line with DC’s plans for Batman ’89, Rob Venditti (Hawkman) and Wilfredo Torres (Batman 66) will collaborate in Superman 78 to tell stories set in the world that Richard Donner and Christopher Reeves created in Superman: The Film. In Superman 78, viewers are shocked and delighted by Superman’s abilities, and Lois Lane doesn’t know (yet!) that Clark Kent is secretly Superman. The sheer thrill of watching a man fly, jump, or stop a bullet will be reflected in this setting where Superman has just been introduced! Inspired by Donner’s classic and timeless style of superhero storytelling, in Superman 78 Venditti and Torres will show fans that a man can really fly.

The first chapters of Batman ’89, by Sam Hamm and Joe Quinones, and Superman 78, by Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres, will go on sale July 27 from DC.

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