Teen Titans Go! is getting a new spinoff show that sees Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy returning to Night Begins to Shine.

Teen Titans Go! is getting a new spin-off, bringing the young heroes back to the musical world of Night Begins to Shine.

Cartoon Network and HBO Max announced that the hit animated series Teen Titans Go! you will get a new derived series. The show will see the five teenage heroes travel back to Night Begins to Shine, a land filled with music that is featured during the original series run. A sneak peek at upcoming animated collaborations between the two WarnerMedia companies offers a sneak peek at the show. Check it out along with the synopsis for the new show below:

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Teen Titans Go! The night begins to shine – In this series derived from the smash hit Cartoon Network, Teen Titans Go !, Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire return to the world of Night Begins to Shine when the musical land falls victim to a sinister new threat. Together, the Titans must protect the only key to saving the world, a magical mixtape. Teen Titans Go! Night Begins to Shine is a Warner Bros. Animation production.

The journey towards the split has been an interesting one. The song, “The Night Begins to Shine”, was created in 2005 by BER as a somewhat generic ’80s style song for a music library. It ended up being used as a joke in an episode of Teen Titans Go! before reappearing in a later episode. The four-part special “The day the night stopped shining and turned dark even though it was the day” arrived in 2017, in which the Titans came to mystical and musical land. In 2020, “The Night Begins To Shine 2” was released, a five-part return to the titular land.

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After the end of the popular Teen Titans series In 2006, Warner Bros. and DC created a series of shorts based on the characters. Placed in more cartoonish situations and with more stylized animation, the shorts soon led to the debut of Teen Titans Go! in 2013. The show is currently in its sixth season, which began in late 2019. As of the series, Teen Titans Go! To the movies was released in 2018, bringing superheroes to the big screen in a movie that shipped multiple DC properties.

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It has not been known if the new series will spell the end of the main show, which still has several episodes to air in season 3. Nor has a release date been announced for The night begins to shine.

Teen Titans Go! airs on Saturdays on Cartoon Network.

Source: Cartoon Network, Youtube

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