Raj and his story aren’t over after The Big Bang Theory ended – could his family be a great fit for a spin-off?

Raj Koothrapali is, in a way, the saddest of the characters in Big Bang Theory, by the end. Unlike his friends, he hasn’t been able to find the relationship he wanted, he doesn’t have children, he hasn’t managed to win a Nobel Prize or go into space (and his 30-under-30 award didn’t seem to be going anywhere after that episode. ) … in short, he is still in the same place he was at the beginning (although he no longer struggles with selective mutism).

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While this is a bit embarrassing for Raj fans, it does leave the door open for something fans would love to see: a Koothrapali spinoff! Seeing Raj’s story continue and more of his family come onto the scene could be a fantastic concept, and this is why.

10 Raj’s story is not over

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One of the main reasons Raj would be a great subject for a spinoff is that, as mentioned, his story doesn’t feel finished. Sheldon and Amy won their Nobel Prize (and are happily married), Howard and Bernadette are married with children, and Leonard and Penny are married and pregnant; it seems pretty clear what their happy endings will be. But Raj still has room to figure it out and fans want to know where he ends up.

9 More cinnamon

It may be a slightly sillier reason, but fans love the only real pet in Big Bang Theory – Raj’s adorable dog, Cinnamon! Sure, sometimes Raj’s dependency on his dog and his tendency to be a bit cheesy around her was annoying, but overall, is it really possible to have enough time for cute dogs? It would be great to see this adorable puppy back on screen.

8 Priya deserved more screen time

tbbt priya

Raj’s sister Priya was a great character – she’s incredibly smart and capable, and the way she dismantled the legality of Sheldon’s roommate arrangement to get what she wanted was sheer genius.

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She deserved better than her failed relationship with Leonard, and she deserved more screen time than just a romantic interest to him. She is now mentioned as married, and she should definitely be a big part of a spin-off!

7 All those nameless brothers

Big Bang Theory

While Priya gets a decent-sized role on the series, Raj actually comes from a fairly large family and has five siblings in total (which fans know from when his father says that ‘five of his six children’ are now married. ). So fans definitely want to know what the story is with the other four Koothrappali kids! Are they also wildly successful? Do they have children? As they are?

6 Your parents are one of the best parts of the show

Raj's parents from the Big Bang theory

Raj’s parents don’t show up often, and when they do, they do it in a video call, but the times they do appear, they’re hilarious. They have some of the best single line phrases, they have great dynamics, and their ability to become featured characters through a few video calls just goes to show that they need more screen time.

5 An opportunity to address some of the problems from the original show

Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh Raj Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory has been legitimately criticized for some of Raj’s character issues – his friends often make jokes about Indian stereotypes, and the show itself often targets them, which can be problematic at times.

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Admittedly, towards the end of the series, Raj criticizes Howard about some of the ways he makes fun of his friend, but it would be nice to see a show that is actually about these characters in a more sensitive way.

4 Priya – Dynamic Sheldon

As mentioned, Priya has an amazing way of dealing with Sheldon, and fans wouldn’t say no to more of this. It would also be amazing to see how Priya and Amy interact, as Amy would undoubtedly become fiercely protective of her husband, and this could create a really fascinating situation. Also, given Priya’s history with Leonard, there is plenty of comedy material here to enjoy!

3 His parents are divorced and dating

Later in the show, it is revealed that Raj’s parents filed for divorce and that they are both now potentially dating new people, or at least looking for someone new. This is a great idea for a series on its own, and it would be amazing to see a sitcom that focuses on your parents trying to find love and their kids trying to give them support and advice in the dating world (especially like Raj is still dating too!).

two Many options for money stories

Raj Electronics - The Big Bang Theory

The show does not hide the fact that Raj’s family is extremely wealthy (Raj still receives a large allowance from his parents and often references the ‘servants’ they had as a child). This could add a really interesting ‘real housewives’ style drama element to a spinoff, and there could be plenty of potential stories about their wealth to play on.

1 More Stuart and new friends

Stuart, Raj and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

As well as seeing more members of Raj’s family, it would be a great opportunity to see how Raj’s own social circle has expanded (hopefully). Stuart is a fan favorite character, and everyone is supporting him to fix his life a bit more, and he and Raj are pretty close by the end of the show. This could be a great dynamic to start with as the two of them try to date, and to support Raj’s parents as they try to date as well.

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