While fans wait for the X Men To be introduced to the MCU, many have forgotten that it was the Fox universe of the X-Men that was primarily responsible for ushering in the superhero movie trend. These films showed that comic book characters could work on the big screen in exciting live-action adventures.

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This franchise started in 2000 with the first X Men movie and ended with 2019 Dark fenix. For such a long-running series, it’s interesting to look back and see how the characters presented themselves with their first lines and how they ended up with their last lines. Given the many timelines in this universe, this list will see the first and last times these characters appeared on screen.

10 Quicksilver

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Evan Peters as Quicksilver

“What do you guys want?” – “Hey, slow down.”

When the heroes have to break Magneto out of prison in X-Men: Days of Future Past, enlist the help of the speedy mutant Quicksilver who greets them by getting straight to the point. He is last seen in Dark fenix reprimanding a student for running in the hallways.

Quicksilver’s impatient demeanor when introduced plays on his powers and rebellious nature. In the end, he seems to have matured enough to at least act as a responsible adult who takes care of children.

9 Rogue

Anna Paquin Rogue

“Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, and then just a few hundred miles to Anchorage.” – “It’s what I want”.

Rogue is featured in the first movie as a girl who tells her boyfriend of her plans for a road trip after graduation. She is last seen in X-Men: The Final Decision after she takes a cure for her mutant abilities and explains to her new boyfriend Bobby that it was her own decision.

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Both scenes look at the tragedy of Rogue as a character. She is a happy young woman with her life ahead of her before it all slips away. While others accept her mutations, in the end, Rogue just wants the life she used to have.

8 Mystery

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

“Do you know that people like you were the reason I was afraid to go to school when I was a kid?” – “I love you.”

In the first X Men Senator Kelly, an anti-mutant crusader, is traveling with his colleague when the man suddenly shapeshift into Mystique and attacks Kelly. Mystique is a hero in the other timeline, and is last seen in Dark fenix when Jean accidentally kills her and uses her last words to tell Hank that she loves him.

These two lines show how drastically different the two versions of Mystique are. She starts out as the vengeful villain who hates humanity and ends up as the loving leader of the X-Men.

7 Storm

Halle Berry as Storm

“John.” – “Hank!”

After his wordless introduction when he saves Wolverine from Sabretooth, Storm’s first line arrives as she is teaching a class and reprimands one of the students for being silly. Your last line is in Dark fenix when he calls out to Hank while they fight the alien enemies.

Despite being one of the most popular X-Men in the comics, Storm never had much to do in the movies. This is very evident with these two forgettable lines.

6 Beast

Kelsey Grammer as Beast in X-Men The Last Stand

“Yes?” – “What Raven would have wanted.”

Hank McCoy aka Beast performs at X-Men: The Final Decision hanging upside down in your office when your secretary calls you for a meeting. He is seen for the last time in Dark fenix defending Jean Gray because that’s what Mystique would have wanted.

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His intro is a funny little joke that shows the juxtaposition of this furry blue monster in a suit and tie in a fancy office. His final line simply serves as a tribute to his fallen love and comrade, as well as a moment when he rises as a leader.

5 Cyclops

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer ending Cyclops

“Who did this to him?” – “She has left.”

Like Storm, Cyclops first shows up saving Wolverine. His first line comes when Jean explains Wolverine’s metal skeleton to the team and Cyclops wonders who performed such a procedure. In Dark fenix, mourns the loss of Jean when she flies into space.

Cyclops’ first line doesn’t carry much weight for his character. However, his last line is in keeping with the bittersweet ending of Dark fenix like Cyclops he has to lose the woman he loves.

4 Gray jean

Famke Janssen as Jean Gray in X-Men

“Now we are seeing the beginning of another stage of human evolution.” – “It’s a new start”.

In the first X Men In the movie, Jean Gray is lecturing some politicians about mutation and the question of whether mutants are dangerous. Her last line is a narration at the end of Dark Phoenix in which she insists that this is not the end of her or the X-Men, but a new beginning.

The first line talks about Jean’s intelligence and advocacy on behalf of the mutant community that goes far beyond superhero antics. His last line is interesting in that it could be seen as a farewell to Fox. X Men universe and a new chapter within the MCU.

3 magnet

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Michael Fassbender as Magneto

“Why are you asking questions whose answers you already know?” – “I’ll make it easy for you.”

After Jean Grey’s lecture, Charles Xavier catches up with his old friend Magneto and asks him what he’s doing there, only for Magneto to remind him that he knows what he has in mind. The final scene of Dark fenix Magneto seeks out Charles in retirement and challenges him to a game of chess for old times.

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The two lines speak of the complex relationship between these two characters. The first line shows old friends turning into enemies. The last line makes them reunite after spending so much together and going back to their friends.

two Professor X

“Mutation: it is the key to our evolution”. – “No, you will not”.

The first lines that are spoken in the first X-Men movie is Charles’s opening narration explaining mutation as part of human evolution. The last line of the final film is in response to Magneto’s promise that he will treat him calmly in the chess game, which Charles knows is not true.

The opening narration is the perfect way to introduce the audience to this world of mutants and Professor X was the perfect character to provide that explanation. His last line is a nice nod to the fact that these two friends are not afraid to challenge each other.

1 Glutton

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan

“I’ll have a beer.” “So this is what it feels like.”

After his performance in a cage match, Wolverine goes to the bar to order a drink. In Logan, Wolverine eventually succumbs to his injuries and realizes what death feels like before he dies.

The first line seems like nothing more than establishing Wolverine as a badass blue-collar hero. His last line is a heartbreaking and appropriate farewell to this iconic hero. Watching him make peace with the death that has eluded him for so long is a bittersweet goodbye.

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