The world of cosplay is vast and even intimidating for those planning their first debut. There are those who strive to look like the spitting image of their favorite character, those who attempt a close likeness, and those who put their own unique twist on these classic character styles.

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Cosplayers can spend a penny on a costume, save on select pieces, or create on a budget to gather the materials needed to complete their intended outfit. However, no matter how much you spend, the only thing that matters, in the end, is how satisfied you are with the end product. For those who are new to the art, a few simple tricks can go a long way in creating the perfect cosplay.

10 Follow the 5-piece golden rule (choose cosplay that only involve 3-5 pieces)

Sora there is no game there is no life

Follow your heart, no matter how simple or complex the character you plan to cosplay is. This cheat is for those who travel with their team or whose interests only extend to delight in the excitement of the cosplay world.

The five-piece rule of thumb advises beginners to choose a character whose set requires three to five pieces to equip because it makes the set easy to create and manageable. For example, cosplayer Jon king is Sora from No Game No Life with some items: wig, red wristband, sneakers, jeans, purple long sleeve t-shirt with a yellow t-shirt on top.

9 Custom hairnets and wig maintenance can extend the life of your cosplay pieces

Cosplay DIY wig

Usually a wig comes with a cap to help keep the hair a secret while wearing the helmet. The problem with the cap is that they do not offer the best fit. Customize your own wig cap with a pair of pantyhose or fishnet stockings by measuring the foot part and cutting it to fit your head, such as Belvani makes up.

To keep those wigs for future cosplay, detangle tangles with a wig brush and a garment steamer. Instead of tossing them into a corner after a convention, taking the time to hang them up will preserve them for future use.

8 Tape and contour can change the shape of your face (if realism is your goal)

Cosplay face tape

Cosplayers who want to achieve the V-shaped jawline do so with medical grade tape. Starting at the cheek, the tape is placed, pinned and pulled up to the top of the head, where it will finally be covered with a wig. Iwasaka it does this, lifting the skin to create a smoother V-shaped curve from the tip of the chin to the top of the cheekbone.

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Perfecting the look of your intended cosplay can come down to the makeup itself. When looking to change your lips, making them disappear with a bit of foundation goes a long way in extending or shortening the width of your smile. Using a lip liner, draw outward from the creases at the corners of the mouth to extend the lips, or finish the contour of the lips closer to the middle to make them appear smaller.

7 Gluestick Brow Primer can help cover your natural brows

Cosplay Eyebrows

It might not look like it, but brows can make or break that perfect cosplay. A simple and inexpensive trick is to use a glue stick. Brush the brows, apply a layer of glue, then brush the brows up and allow to dry. Joseph Harwood demonstrates how an eyebrow can completely disappear with a little work and a touch of magic.

You may need a few layers, but the goal is to keep all the hairs flat and covered. At this point, apply foundation until the brows are gone. To achieve those funky anime brows, choose your preferred makeup color and draw them.

6 Hide your costume pockets so you can store important items without “ruining” your cosplay

cosplay hidden pockets and money

After trying so hard to produce a cosplay to their satisfaction, the last thing anyone wants is to carry a bag or carry personal items that clash with their appearance. A simple trick for carrying a convention badge, money, or even a cosplay repair kit is to add hidden pockets to your costume.

Layers and capes are the easiest pieces to hide pockets. Or you could even consider cutting out the seam on those cosplay pants to add a money slot. The opportunities are endless and it gives cosplayers the freedom to adopt their favorite poses without having to worry about where their belongings are.

5 Hairspray can create simple glowing skin effects

cosplay glitter

Hairspray has many more uses outside of the hair care world. When it comes to dazzling yourself with glitter or sequins, it’s easy to ditch the glitz and glamor of a convention.

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A simple trick to keep your appearance shiny is to use an unscented hairspray to make it shine like a diamond all day long.

4 Felt pieces can help wigs maintain their unique shapes over time

cosplay wig

Designing a wig that suits your cosplay needs is sometimes easier said than done. Anime characters have hair that defies the limits of gravity, just like yours, with some hairspray, hair styling clay, and a blow dryer.

If you are not reaching your desired volume, felt is your next best friend. Budget-friendly, felt is a simple material to measure, cut, and glue to your wig to give it that extra oomph needed to complete the overall effect of those funky hairstyles.

3 Clear nail polish can fix frayed ends quickly

cosplay transparent nail polish

It’s hard to keep annoying, frayed edges from destroying that perfect cosplay even more. A simple and inexpensive solution is to use clear nail polish. Applying a coat of nail polish stops fraying and offers flexibility after drying. If you need a firmer hold, continue to coat until you reach the desired firmness.

This trick even holds up in the wash, so you won’t have to remove the cosplay after a convention or two and you can continue to wow the masses with that perfect look.

two Soak your pieces in Oxyclean and water overnight to remove stains.

Oxi Clean soak overnight

Convention halls are known for being heated events. Very few people can spend an entire day at a convention center without having to wipe their forehead or check their armpits at least once. With your civilian clothes, sweat is not sweat. But sweat stains can ruin costumes cosplayers spent months perfecting.

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However, there is a quick and easy solution for this. A little OxiClean, a little water, and a good nighttime bath will remove those stains right away! It’s a simple trick to keep your cosplay looking its best throughout the convention.

1 Look for DIY accessory guides online

bright potion

Accessories it doesn’t have to be difficult to do, and they can make a cosplay pop. It’s the perfect opportunity for the most skilled guys to clean the closet or recycle leftover materials.

Pinterest is a great source to find DIY infographics for creating simple yet attractive accessories to give a simpler cosplay an extra boost. Anyone who drinks a sparkling potion is sure to stand out. To learn how to create a glowing potion, follow this tutorial.

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