Although Boruto receives a lot of criticism from fans, the anime can sometimes be better than the original Naruto manga. Here are 10 reasons why!

For many fans of the original series, Boruto it’s a bit disappointing. Many of the characters that were once loved took a backseat to make way for new characters that sometimes feel like mere clones of their parents, Shikadai is an example of one. Nostalgia glasses are also always present.

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Boruto It seems it would have been better received if it had been something of its own rather than a direct reboot just a few years after the original ended. Even without that, there are some things the manga does really well, even better than Naruto ever did.

10 Boruto begins to love and respect his father

Naruto as Hokage

At the beginning of the series, Boruto was more than a brat. He had many of the annoying qualities that Naruto had without many of the redeeming ones. One of the most annoying traits was his borderline hatred of his father for never being around. It’s understandable to some extent since Naruto is always busy, but he’s also the Hokage of the village. After his time with Sasuke, Boruto was finally able to see his father for who he was, a great character development that couldn’t have happened in Naruto.

9 Boruto changes his point of view on hard work

Boruto, while smart like his father, lacked the dedication and driving that he needed to be a true ninja. He was willing to take the easy path at every opportunity, even during the Chunin exams, embarrassing his father in the process. Soon after, he learned his lesson, understanding that he was selfish and deceiving others so that they did not receive his deserved praise. It was the first big development he had as a character, a growth that Naruto never had to go through.

8 Boruto gives meat to the world more than Naruto

Naruto He did a great job of laying the foundation for his world, featuring the five villages and much of their past tradition. However, he suffered from being too focused on Konoha, and he rarely showed glimpses of the rest of the world.

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Boruto remedies that some as it branches out further into the rest of the world and builds up the Otsutsuki lore that was rushed at the end of Naruto. It improves the technology used globally, and its main antagonist faction is reinforced by it.

7 Sasuke’s redemption arc concluded

Therefore as From Naruto The story is about him achieving his goal of becoming a Hokage, it is also about Sasuke’s redemption. Therefore of Naruto, teeters on the brink of becoming a villain, even briefly turning into one until Itachi straightens him out. Boruto allows that arc to come to a conclusion in a way the series couldn’t, showing Sasuke as Konoha’s protector of the shadows, in the same way that Itachi ended up being.

6 Boruto has better written female characters

The only big criticism for Naruto is that his female character rarely did anything at all. Hinata was there to love Naruto, and Sakura was rendered useless by the progress Sasuke and Naruto had made at the end of the war arc. They all felt incredibly replaceable. The same does not happen with Sarada, one of the main members of the cast of Boruto, and he does not suffer the same fate as his mother. He is not as strong as Boruto, but he still stands his ground in battles with Kara.

5 Boruto skews the cliché of rivalry

Sasuke and Naruto's final fight

A key component of Naruto and most of shonen is the rivalry between the main character and a villain or a teammate. For Naruto, it was Sasuke and Naruto.

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They were the focus of the story, and the final battle was naturally between the two of them. Boruto he walks away from that as he’s not necessarily a great match to Mitsuki or Sarada, and Kawaki doesn’t seem to fit the structure either, even if they are building a slow brotherly bond. It’s a refreshing change of pace.

4 Boruto doesn’t trust heartbreaking stories with his characters

Naruto_ itachi

Tragic backstories can help create incredible characters, like Itachi or Pain from Naruto. However, almost all of the characters in Naruto it seemed to have one, given the time period in which it took place. Now that a time of peace has swept across the land, it makes no sense that tragedy is at the fore. Let Boruto Get a little more creative and allow for some interesting character development with Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada.

3 Boruto doesn’t use Talk No Jutsu at all

Kara’s members never changed sides so easily, realizing the error of their ways under Boruto’s words. With how frequent it was in Naruto, That’s good. All the other villains seemed to tremble under Naruto’s words. It makes the manga feel different and it works well for Boruto as a character. It is not the same as Naruto. He does not aspire to become a Hokage or to change the world. He’s not the type to get into an ideological debate.

two Boruto has a faster pace

More seems to happen in the first ten chapters of Boruto that in about thirty Naruto. Momoshiki is introduced almost from the beginning, it helps to speed things up and shows that the manga will not move at a slow pace. Sometimes this can be a double-edged sword, as there is too fast a pace, but when you have manga like One piece that they feel like they will never end, it’s refreshing to see one move faster.

1 Boruto has a more realistic art

Mikio Ikemoto makes his illustrations look much more realistic, particularly with his eyes and mouths. Kishimoto has even had to go on the record telling him that he needs to make them bigger so that it lines up better with the original series. While that’s true, the sense of realism it has gives the manga a unique look. It’s not just the characters either. The backgrounds look prettier and feel more vibrant than many of the ones shown on Naruto.

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