The DC Universe can be a very dangerous place, but luckily, it has some of the best heroes. This has made a huge difference over the years, as the villains these heroes face are some of the most terrifying out there. The DC Universe has found itself in some extreme situations, which could have ended all existence.

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These situations have been avoided by the power and skill of the heroes. In some situations, power and skill are not always enough. And many times old-fashioned good luck has made a difference, giving heroes the time they need to save the day.

10 Flash regaining his powers in Flashpoint

Flash point DC

Flash point It was a story set in a completely different DC Universe, one that was on its way to destruction thanks to a terrible war between Atlantis and Themyscira. It was all caused by Flash going back in time and saving his mother’s life. The butterfly effect of this event caused ripples that changed everything. Barry Allen woke up in this new reality with his memories intact and without powers.

Allen asked Batman, Thomas Wayne for help in this universe, and attempted to replicate the accident that gave him his powers. The first time it didn’t work, but Allen tried again, and the second was the charm. This was very fortunate because Allen barely survived the first attempt and there was no guarantee that it would work the second time.

9 Superboy-Prime decides not to destroy the universe during the Sinestro Corps war

war dcu sinestro corps

the Sinestro Corps War it got pretty wild but could very easily have gotten wilder. In their first attack, the Sinestro Corps released Superboy-Prime, one of the most powerful beings in the universe. The last time he was free, he decided to fly across the planet Oa at the speed of light, which would have destroyed the universe and reset everything, giving him the opportunity to recreate the universe in his own image.

The only reason they stopped him was because he announced his intentions and all the heroes on Earth who could fly and the Green Lantern Corps were following him. So the universe dodged a bullet when it decided not to even try the next time it was free and everyone was distracted fighting the Sinestro Corps.

8 That the lanterns at war agreed to work together on the blackest night was sheer luck

More black Night It was one of the most harrowing situations the DC Universe found itself in and the survival of the universe depended on luck in multiple ways. For starters, the fact that the warring Lantern Corps agreed to work together is fortunate enough, as they had been attacking each other for centuries and beings like Sinestro and Atrocitus could have easily tried to launch their Corps against the Black Lanterns at them. themselves, depriving the lives of many defenders.

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On top of that, there’s the fact that Nekron didn’t send every Black Lantern in the universe to Earth right away. Or that the resurrected superheroes he turned into Black Lanterns basically did nothing in the fight. The victory of the heroes depended much more on luck than anyone knew at the time.

7 That Darkseid took over Dan Turpin’s body in Final Crisis

Final Crisis

Final Crisis it was known as the day evil won, but the day did not last forever, even though Darkseid had finally gotten his hands on the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid and the gods of Apokolips, having lost their old bodies, took over the new ones and launched an assault on Earth from within, with Darkseid seizing the body of Metropolis detective Dan Turpin.

However, the only reason he took over Turpin was because he realized it was happening first. This was pure luck, as Batman was also working on the same case as Turpin. If Batman had figured things out first, Darkseid would have been able to possess him and that would have made things worse for the heroes. Not only was Batman central to Darkseid’s final defeat, Darkseid would have been able to sabotage the heroes from within.

6 Batman discovering that the hyperclan were white Martians

JLA: New world order is one of the most important Justice League stories of all. In it, the League saves the world from the Hyperclan, a group of white Martians posing as heroes. The Hyperclan had already captured the JLA, leaving only Batman free, allowing him to discover that they were Martians and vulnerable to fire.

What if I hadn’t? What if he had reached his conclusions too late and the Hyperclan had captured him? Or did she use her mental powers on him and lobotomize him? The sheer luck of it all is astonishing.

5 Superman being found when he was a baby


As has been shown in many different Elseworlds and DC alternate universes comics, the failure of Superman to be found by the Kents in Kansas has repercussions that make things play out very differently. Imagine how different things would be if the Kents hadn’t found Superman.

The sheer luck that Superman has been found is a thing in a million. If he hadn’t been found and starved to death in his rocket, never exposed to yellow sunlight, or if others had found him and he had never become Superman, the DC Universe would have been destroyed at some point.

4 Abin Sur’s ring chose Guy Gardner

When Abin Sur crashed on Earth and died, his Green Lantern ring chose Hal Jordan, but he wasn’t the only candidate, he could just as easily have chosen Guy Gardner, who was just as fearless but further away. While Gardner would go on to become a great Green Lantern, if he were the first human Lantern, things would have been very different.

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While Hal Jordan was many things, he was a team player. Gardner wasn’t, and it took him years to get it. If he had become a Green Lantern, the Corps would have lost Hal’s valuable abilities and there’s a good chance that Guy would never have helped found the Justice League and a League without a Lantern would have been doomed.

3 Eradicator saves Superman in exchange for Superman

When Superman came back to life for the first time after his death at the hands of Doomsday, he was quite weak. However, he was immediately recruited for the battle against Cyborg Superman and Mongul. During the battle, Cyborg Superman used Engine City’s Kryptonite power source to attack Superman.

The Eradicator got in the way and was able to reconfigure the Kryptonite radiation, giving Superman all of his powers. This was very lucky, because if Eradicator wasn’t in the exact right place or couldn’t figure out how to change the Kryptonite radiation, Superman would have died and Cyborg Superman would have easily triumphed. Condemning the heroes of Earth.

two Green Arrow is able to stop parallax at zero hour

Green Arrow shoots Parallax with an arrow in Zero Hour.

Hal Jordan went through difficult times in the mid-90s, becoming a Parallax and trying to reestablish the DC Universe. While his goals were laudable, to give everyone his perfect world, there is no guarantee that it would have worked and changed everything, costing many their lives.

He was stopped by an arrow from his old friend Green Arrow and that this worked is the luckiest thing ever. The fact that an arrow was able to stop a being as powerful as Parallax is incredibly fortunate and not something that anyone could have predicted.

1 That the universe is able to survive crisis events on Infinite Earths is completely foolish luck.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

The fact that the DC Universe survived the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths it has more to do with luck than anything else. For example, if the Anti-Monitor had just killed Barry Allen just when it first captured him instead of leaving him alive, his antimatter cannon would never have been destroyed and could have wiped out Earth-1, destroying the biggest threats to your plan.

That is just one example. There is much more. The heroes kept getting lucky over and over again. The Anti-Monitor had destroyed so many alternate Earths and there was no reason why it couldn’t destroy the five remaining worlds.

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