Season 2 couple Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo had a nice meeting in Nicaragua, but soon divorced. What’s the promised pop star doing in 90 days?

As the very in love couple of 90 day fiancé Season 2, Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo broke many hearts when they announced their divorce in 2016. Fans still remember Yamir as the only pop star on the show, and his love story with Chelsea came straight out of a junior novel. After the breakup, did Yamir return to Nicaragua to make music again? Yamir recently updated his 90 day fiancé fans about his health and work, having tested positive for COVID-19.

90 day fiancé Season 2 showed 25-year-old Chelsea (from a small town in Illinois) getting her partner Yamir, 28, to stay with her at her parents’ house. The Peace Corps volunteer had met Yamir at an event in Nicaragua, where he performed with his popular band, Myla Vox. The couple looked into each other’s eyes and fell in love. They were soon engaged, while Yamir’s bandmates and manager were enraged by his decision to move to America. As Angela Deem can attest, love knows no bounds 90 day fiancé, and Yamir found himself at Chelsea’s home, receiving financial support from his parents before marrying in the final.

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Since their divorce 90 day fiancé The Chelsea star has been involved with a woman named Erin, and now works at a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado while dating a helicopter mechanic named Daniel. Your ex 90 day fiancé partner has settled in America, and Yamir Castillo revealed in January on Instagram that he tested positive for COVID-19. On February 2, Yamir posted an update on having “99% recovered” And be “more than ready”To make music. See Yamir on IG below:

During a recent IGTV, Yamir showed his followers a beautiful view from his backyard and assured them that he is doing it. “amazing,“And he also announced that he would release new music”soon. “On Spotify, 90 day fiancé star Yamir seems to have gained a pretty good number of fans, with “Accelerate“Being his most listened to theme, followed by”Dance with you” Y “Party love. “Yamir keeps his love life a secret, but in September 2017 he hinted that he had found a”special magical woman,“In a now-deleted post, which made many fans happy.

The cracks showed with Chelsea and Yamir, thanks to their different ideas about a wedding and Yamir who wanted to move to Chicago for his music career, but the TLC couple’s divorce was still a shock. Much later, Chelsea herself revealed that her discovery that she was rare had led to the end of her romance with Yamir. However, the singer continued to support his ex even after the split.

Today, Chicago resident Yamir seems to enjoy the company of his pet cat as he continues to pursue his dream of being a successful musician in the United States. If Yamir gets in a relationship again, fans might see him in a 90 day fiancé spin-off in the future.

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Source: Yamir Castillo / Instagram

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