90 Day Boyfriend – The Other Way star Deavan Clegg is often in the drama. Many fans felt that her body shame post was just a way to get more attention.

Deavan Clegg is a 90 day fiancé: the other way Pupil who is no stranger to drama, and this time, the 24-year-old is being accused of playing the victim to get attention. Deavan has received a lot of criticism in the past for allegations that he is holding his father’s son Taeyang, who is his ex-husband, Jihoon Lee. The South Korean is preparing for a custody battle, in part because Jihoon and his followers have expressed outrage that Deavan’s boyfriend, Topher Park, referred to himself as the boy’s father. 90 day fiancé Fans of the franchise were also upset by Deavan’s recent post on social media, which many see as a tactic to get attention.

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Deavan has been at the center of controversy since he first appeared on 90 day fiancé: the other way next to Jihoon. Many fans have accused the 24-year-old of being a compulsive liar, an attention seeker, and a bad father. Deavan has received a lot of criticism in the past for overly editing her social media posts, to the point where fans were unable to recognize her. She has also been involved in the drama this month, as someone claiming to be a South Korean hospital nurse alleged that Deavan had an abortion and interpreted it as a miscarriage for viewers. Whether this unverified rumor is true or not, fans have come to believe that Deavan cannot be trusted.

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On Instagram on February 17, Deavan shared a current photo of herself with blonde hair, as well as a photo of herself suffering from an eating disorder. She accompanied the post with a long caption on bodily shame. “For people who embarrass me about my weight gain. It’s never okay to have body shame,” she started. The 24-year-old went on to say that it was not okay to make fun of her body or Topher’s: “We are healthy and prosperous.”See his post below:

Deavan said he suffered from an eating disorder in his “early teens and early 20sAnd negative comments about her body affect her a lot. At one point, he weighed just 115 pounds, at his height of 5’9 ”. “The body embarrassed lately has become disgusting. Time is my body or my face. It is not okay to embarrass anyone for how they look or want to look,“She finished the post.

While Deavan disabled his comments, fans shared their feelings in a post on @ 90dayfiancefanatics2. Many found that Deavan was copying franchise co-star Jess Caroline’s eloquent and well-received post on bodily shame, which came after the reality star addressed her critics, who had been poking fun at her figure. while she was enjoying her honeymoon in Hawaii. While Jess’s statement was well received, many fans feel that Deavan has not been criticized for her figure and is making up a reason to be upset and victimize herself. “Nobody cares about your weight 😳 We are afraid for those lips! ” someone wrote on the fan account, while others posted “Literally NO ONE has said anything about their weight gain.” Y, “This girl is literally begging for attention. I want you to keep your word for once and stay on your social media “break” for more than 6 hours.

Following the criticism Deavan faced over the alleged abortion, the reality star announced that she would be taking a break from social media. However, the social media hiatus lasted less than a day, as Deavan quickly returned to Instagram and was later accused of using her daughter’s alleged abuse to clickbait. Many fans are fed up with Deavan appearing on social media with more drama and are siding with Jihoon when it comes to the issue of custody of Taeyang’s children.

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Source: Deavan Clegg / Instagram, @ 90dayfiancefanatics2 / Instagram

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