One Animal Crossing: New Horizons player filled his island with blue animals with matching blue outfits to make the cutest blue island ever.

Since the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Players have been using the game’s new terraforming and villager hunting mechanics to build the islands of their dreams. Fans spent weeks decorating their islands and recruiting their favorite villagers; many then tore it down all over again to start all over again when they got tired of their vision. It’s a process that many find a fun and relaxing creative outlet, and hundreds of perfectly sculpted islands have been shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

Some villagers, such as Raymond and Ankha, were so sought after by the community that desperate players were exchanging millions of bells and hundreds of Nook Miles tickets for them. Finding a single dream villager is difficult, not to mention the value of an entire island, but it gave enterprising players something to work towards. Other players decorated their islands and villagers around particular themes, including certain types of villagers, vacations, and even horror movies. The gory horror patterns seem a bit strange for a cheesy Nintendo game, but the variety of themes only proves the incredible diversity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and their players.

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One player decided to collect all the blue animals in the game and bring them back to their village, and they posted the results of their effort on Reddit. goddess of witches announced on Reddit that they had gotten their “all-blue outfit”, adding a screenshot of everyone posing in sequence. Not only are all the villagers dressed in blue, including fan favorites Whitney and Roald, but they all wear blue outfits (blue tuxedos for the men and blue dresses for the ladies) that serve to make the ensemble even more adorable. The player dressed his character to match, with blue eyes, silver-blue hair, a blue dress, and blue shoes. Even the wallpaper and the floor in the house are blue. goddessofthewitches really went all out on this blue collection, inspiring other players in the comments to quote their favorite movie and song lines related to the color blue to celebrate their achievement.

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The completely blue island of the goddess of witches is just one example of the fun creations and outfits that can be made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with little time and a lot of patience. Thanks to the game’s bright variety of colors, other villager color combinations are also possible. As mentioned above, this configuration is indicative of creativity and diversity of thinking in Animal crossing Players: Who else would have thought to collect all the Blue Villagers?

Animal crossing is a series that inspires creativity, even outside of the most used outlets like designing patterns and terraforming the island itself. Despite player complaints that there are not enough items available in the game or that items better in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Interesting and fun combinations can be created as long as you have a little creativity and an eye for style.

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Source: goddess of witches

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