Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith were two of the strongest supporting characters in the series. Attack on Titan anime, serving as its best warrior and leader, respectively. Each of them embodies humanity well, demonstrating qualities of endurance, determination, strength and vision.

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Having outperformed their peers thanks to their invaluable contributions, the only way to properly test their usefulness is with each other. By recognizing five of the best actions that both men have committed on behalf of their country, we can determine who is the best utility for the survival of the Eldians.

10 LEVI: Subduing the Female Titan

Annie Leonhart was initially assigned to capture Eren and return him to Marley. She voraciously pursued him through the forest, and many of the scouts perished to keep the Titan safe from attack.

However, Levi and Hange had come up with a plan to dispatch her. He led the woman into a trap that would paralyze her and force her to give up Eren in the process. Levi was instrumental in incapacitating her, and Annie only escaped by calling on the local titans to destroy her own body. Doing so allowed him to escape in human form.

9 ERWIN: Bargaining for Eren’s life

After Eren was revealed to be a Titan, many people (including the corrupt and fearful leaders of the Eldians) searched for him dead. Having a Titan behind the wall was unthinkable and greatly compromised their safety.

Erwin Smith was able to convince the courts to place Yeager in the custody of the scouts. Levi’s role was secondary, crushing his new recruit to pulp in front of his audience to show that he could control his power, and that the Attack Titan was not as cruel as many had initially feared.

8 LEVI: Overcoming his past

Levi Ackerman’s past was one of the most brutal and depressing upbringings of the entire anime cast. Unlike Eren, who enjoyed a near-normal childhood outside of the incident with Mikasa and Armin’s occasional bullies, he was forced to survive and fight for everything he had.

Furthermore, the boy could only watch his mother wither due to a debilitating disease. Kenny Ackerman agreed to coach him for a time, though after being content that his nephew had learned all there was to know, he disappeared into the crowd, only to appear many years later as Levi’s opponent.

7 ERWIN: Advocating for the true story

Erwin’s insatiable desire for history was an excellent motivation for his actions. After instilling in his father the secrets of his country (those that had been deliberately suppressed by the military police), he had discovered that things were not as they seemed and he told his friends.

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The news traveled quickly to MPs, who immediately learned who had compromised the narrative. As a result, Erwin’s father was tortured and killed, although that would not resist the young man’s commitment to the truth, as he carried the weight of his actions into adulthood.

6 LEVI: Saving Eren from The Jaw Titan

On the cusp of Eren’s victory over the Warhammer, he was ambushed by the Jaw Titan, which had driven its teeth into the back of his neck. If he had suppressed his lower jaw, this would have immediately killed Yeager and presumably given his opponent the power of the Attack Titan in the process.

However, Levi intervened at a precise opportunity, slicing off the bottom half of the villain’s mouth. Consequently, he was unable to finish the damage that had started on the back of Eren’s neck.

5 ERWIN: Deceiving the internal police

The Military Police weren’t prone to keeping Eren out of their sight, although Erwin knew he was instrumental in defeating Annie. Therefore, he had Jean act as a decoy instead, using the distance his scrutiners kept from the chariot to his advantage.

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After it was revealed that Eren was not in the car (as he was fighting Leonhart), Erwin voluntarily turned himself in to the authorities. The outcome of the battle spoke for itself and he faced no serious repercussions for his tactical decision.

4 LEVI: Leading the Scouts to Victory over Kenny

Kenny Ackermann Attack On Titan Season 3

Kenny Ackerman was Levi’s uncle and the unlikely leader of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. After Rod Reiss kidnapped Eren and tried to convince Historia to devour him, the Ripper held the line against the invading scouts.

It was through Levi’s brilliant leadership and skill that Kenny was forced to back down, retreating further into the cavern as his people were decimated. The injuries he sustained (both from his nephew and from Rod’s transformation) proved fatal, and Ackerman was present to see him off properly.

3 ERWIN: Leading the charge against Zeke

Commander Erwin final charge Attack on Titan

It became clear that the only way to defeat Zeke was to distract him. However, the Beast Titan had a huge distance advantage over the scouts, and there were no nearby buildings or trees to field its ODM team.

This resulted in a final and desperate charge led by Erwin Smith to give Levi a chance to defeat his gigantic opponent. He knew it would cost him his life in the process, but he was willing to spend it to save his people.

two LEVI: Defeating the beast titan

Levi kills the beast titan

Erwin’s sacrifice was not entirely in vain. Having made a promise to make his costly burden worth it, Levi decimated the Beast Titan in an even fight, sustaining no significant injury as he brought Zeke to his knees.

Unfortunately, he attempted to capture him alive as he wanted to harness his power for the Eldians. However, Cart Titan unexpectedly interfered, freeing his ally from the jaws of defeat. However, the battle for Shiganshina was not in vain: he definitively expelled Marley’s agents from Paradis and allowed the scouts to regroup to counterattack.

1 ERWIN: Putting Armin’s life before yours

armin attack on titan colossal titan

Armin had also made a sacrifice very similar to Erwin’s. By allowing the Colossal to incinerate his body, he provided Eren with the amusement he needed to destroy the back of Bertholdt’s neck and bring him down.

Initially, Levi wanted to resurrect Erwin as he saw him as a more helpful and charismatic leader. It resulted in brutal infighting between the scouts, disputes that were only resolved by Smith himself. He ordered Ackerman to use the syringe on Armin, saving his life at the cost of his own.

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