This will be a great year for the DC Comics series, with Infinite border being the next historical era after Renaissance. After the events of Future state, DC’s biggest characters are about to review their various books narratively and, in certain cases, from the writing / art team departments. Besides the next big bat Man arc with Scarecrow as the main antagonist, a third-core series debuting with Urban legends, a new miniseries for The Dark Knight titled The detective.

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There’s no shortage of Batman comics this year, with Legends of the Dark Knight what’s more revive and expand the miniseries both inside and outside Black label sounds like a good format to blow up throughout your typical full-length series.

10 He was originally called “The Dark Knight”

Cover art for Batman: The Dark Knight by David Finch and cover art for Batman: The Detective by Andy Kubert

Not long after the miniseries was announced, it was reported and confirmed that DC had changed the name of the series. The detective since The dark knight. It seemed like the series was going to revive the last series in this way, as that was the subtitle used in previous Batman comics. It was one of the main and limited series in the Caped Crusader library, and was last used during The new 52 it was. From the rebrand to The detectiveIt’s unclear if it’s still under the series / brand umbrella, but an exciting thought is what the title might imply narratively.

Hopefully it’s not just to avoid confusion with the next Legends of the Dark Knight revival and The detective offers a completely compelling mystery thriller. One key for Batman is balancing his investigative prowess with his physical prowess to give fans the best of both worlds.

9 Its setting is inspired by the Batman Europa series

Cover art for Batman: Europe by Brian Azzarello, and Andy Kubert art for Batman: The Detective

As for the more superficial similarities of premises, it seems that The detective is inspired by another Batman comic series that had the Dark Knight traveling abroad to Europe to handle a case. Europe Batman ran through Germany, the Czech Republic, France and more dealing with the Joker and a deadly virus that they were both infected with.

For The detectiveIt appears that the main site in question will be the UK, dealing with a “horrible tragedy”. Taking Batman out of his comfort zone and embarking him on a global adventure is certainly an engaging narrative device, so hopefully the mysterious look will make for an engaging detective story.

8 Artist Andy Kubert previously worked on Batman and Son

Batman art by Andu Kubert for Batman and Son, written by Grant Morrison

Artist Andy Kubert is taking the reins on this six-issue miniseries, but his art has been notable in other Batman titles. He was associated with Grant Morrison in historical history Batman and son, which of course was the debut of Bruce Wayne’s biological son, Damian.

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Damian would later come to take Robin’s mantle, both under Bruce and with Dick Grayson when the latter filled Batman’s mantle while Bruce was gone. Kubert’s Batman is drawn with a distinctive representation of volume, which makes him more robust, and in certain illustrations it is clear that he does not skip the squats, in keeping with those “tree trunk” legs.

7 Kubert also previously worked on Frank Miller’s Batman comics.

Art by Andy Kubert for The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, written by Frank Miller

Likewise, Kubert has also appeared in Batman plays with another famous Dark Knight writer: Frank Miller. Miller is obviously known for his critically acclaimed. Year one Y The Dark Knight Returns books (as well as for Daredevil’s The man Without Fear Y Born again), and most infamous for its criticized DK2 Y All Star Batman and Robin. Although Kubert’s art appears in his recent The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

Kubert does well to adapt and simultaneously give an interpretation of TDKR Batman that pays homage to Miller’s original artwork and modernizes it with his own style. Perhaps this is also the best example of Kubert’s heavy Batman.

6 The story originally dates back to 2012

Andy Kubert's art for The Detective, written by Tom Taylor

It turns out that the story of The detective It has been in circulation for several years prior to the announcement. According to writer Tom Taylor, the premise for this was first presented by him in 2012 to publisher Ben Abernathy. He came to Taylor with a broad story concept for Batman to address, and it seems that nine years later they were able to fit the original idea into what The detective will become.

That’s a long time for any story to cook, so this could be a positive sign to fans that this idea has been properly developed. A six-issue miniseries sounds like a great format to tell a more isolated and concise plot, so hopefully burning rules as an obstacle.

5 His version of Bruce Wayne is similar to that of The Dark Knight Returns

Art for Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and a panel from the upcoming miniseries The Detective

Speaking of the tone of Taylor and Kubert featured in Miller’s work, the plot for The detective sounds like he’s being influenced in part by Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. Miller took the world’s greatest Detective and put him into a kind of future dystopia that turned Bruce into an older, more cynical, and jaded man during his retirement.

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The foundation of The detective is that, although he may not be retired, Bruce was called to deal with a major case – and around the world – after spending many years in the mantle of Batman, having “tired of the world.” Given that Taylor cited his memory of reading stories with Batman being older and braver, it’s practically impossible not to think about TDKR immediately.

4 May include nods to / First Year Elements and Batman Begins

Panel of Bruce's first-year training, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli, and a training scene from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

Without seemingly stopping at TDKR, it also seems The detective It will delve, at least to some extent, into some aspects of Batman’s origins. In particular, his time training in his younger years just before taking on the cape and hood. Miller’s Year one He mentioned that Bruce had trained overseas for years before finding out how he wanted to run his crusade against Gotham’s systematic corruption.

Taylor says that, despite focusing on a much more experienced and battle-hardened Batman, some of his origins in his years of training will be explored in ways that have not been expanded upon before. In fact, this could, by extension, also mean the The beginning of batman He could see some nod, given that his training was a big part of Bruce Wayne’s origin story.

3 Not to mention Robin, speculation turns to Knight and / or Squire for the partner role.

Knight and Squire from DC Comics, part of Batman Incorporated

While the Dark Knight is clearly the main character, he will not go into this mysterious case alone either, as he is supposed to have a partner with him. However, it looks like it won’t be the “Dynamic Duo” association, as there is no suggestion from Robin here. Apparently, the possible contenders are characters from another Bat series, Batman Incorporated.

Knight or Squire could take on the supporting role, although the aliases behind these seem to be important to the story. Knight and Squire are essentially Batman and Robin from England, which makes this premise even more fitting.

two Batman will lose something he has never lost before, which means completely new bets.

A panel and variant cover by Kubert for The Detective

One of the things Taylor said he wanted to do to differentiate this veteran Batman story from others is what this urgent call to arms will be for him. It’s all part of the speech he originally made to Abernathy, and it involves bringing new bets into Bruce’s life to force him to pack his bags and address the case for something that has become incredibly personal to him.

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The story and the alleged mystery will revolve around having something taken from him that an antagonist of his had never tried before. Those are fighting words, although given the setting, could Alfred be involved? Alfred has suffered horrible fates multiple times in different canons, but this concept could have big implications.

1 The villain is a brand new character named Equilibrium

A panel and the main cover of Batman: The Detective, illustrated by Andy Kubert

Speaking of the supervillain, something fans may not know is the antagonist in question. That’s partly because no one knows who exactly this person is. Taylor confirmed that the antagonist of The detective It will be an original character named Equilibrium. Batman is revered as a character in part due to his vast and legendary gallery of rogues.

When it comes to superheroes, the best ones tend to emerge decades ago, sometimes at the time of character creation, but it’s welcome when a writer tries to create something new. Not all stick around, unfortunately, but a new cross-continent scale villain is a tempting twist.

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