Here’s everyone who stars in Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes cast, as well as where viewers can recognize the actors and actresses from.

Here’s everyone who stars on Netflix Behind your eyes cast and where viewers can recognize them. Based on the eponymous 2017 novel by Sarah Pinborough, Behind your eyes focuses on a British love triangle. Since the movie’s release on Netflix, audiences have been talking about a climactic twist that gives new meaning to everything that comes before.

In Behind your eyes, a single mother named Louise has an affair with a married man named David, her new boss. While trying to keep the relationship calm, Louise meets her partner’s wife, Adele, and maintains a secret friendship. The two women finally bond as they talk about night tremors and how lucid dreaming techniques can help clear the mind. When David learns of Louise and Adele’s relationship, the story takes a dark and metaphysical turn.

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Behind your eyes stars Simona Brown, Eve Hewson and Tom Bateman in the central roles, with a handful of other actors in supporting roles. Overall, the Netflix thriller story focuses primarily on the three main leads, with the final reveal making the central characters even more complex.

Simona Brown as Louise

Simona Brown in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Simona Brown plays Louise, a single mother who has a one-night stand and is subsequently caught up in a strange marital affair. Brown played Grace in The night manager and Rachel in The drummer girl. She also appeared as Tess in Kiss me first.

Eve Hewson as Adele

Eve Hewson in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Eve Hewson co-stars as Adele, a married woman who once spent time in a psychiatric institution. She is a defender of lucid dreams and has a dark secret to protect. Hewson appeared as nurse Lucy Elkins in The Knick and currently plays Anna Wetherell in The luminaires.

Tom Bateman as David

Tom Bateman in Behind His Eyes on Netflix

Tom Bateman plays David, Adele’s husband who once saved her from a house fire. He has an affair with Louisa and doesn’t realize that someone has been watching his every move. Bateman played Rawdon Crawley in Vanity fair and John Beecham in Beecham House. It also appeared in the movies. Murder on the Orient Express Y Cold chase.

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Robert Aramayo as Rob

Robert Aramayo on Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Robert Aramayo completes the main Behind your eyes cast as Rob, Adele’s friend from the past who documented her lucid dreaming techniques in a notebook. Aramayo played young Ned Stark in game of Thrones and Turk in Nocturnal animals. He recently appeared as Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. in Mindhunter season 2 and Daniel in Antebellum.

Behind the supporting cast of your eyes

Aston McAuley in Behind His Eyes on Netflix

Aston McAuley (above) as Anthony Hawkins: David’s patient, addict. Aston McAuley played Dave Godin in Rocketman and Victor in Trigonometry.

Tyler Howitt as Adam: Son of Louise. Tyler Howitt appeared as Billy Costa in Its dark materials season 1.

Charlotte Mills as Laura: Louise’s friend / babysitter. Charlotte Mills played Eva Prichard in The bastard executioner and Branwen in The letter to the king.

Nichola Burley as Sophie: Louise’s best friend. Nichola Burley played Lucy in Lynn + Lucy and appeared as Rita Bevan in Downton Abbey season 6.

Georgie Glen as Sue: Louise’s colleague, receptionist. Georgie Glen played Ruth Lady Fermoy in The crown and Millicent Higgins in Call the midwife.

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