There is a floating island that contains a Cat Shine in Bowser’s Fury. This guide will show players how they can reach and collect this Cat Shine.

There is a Cat Shine located on a floating island in Bowser’s fury. This guide will show players how they can access it. Fury of the archers it’s packed with 100 different Cat Shines to collect. Not only that, but unlocking them will unlock an additional boss battle, as well as an alternate ending. The game comes as additional content that is available with the Nintendo Switch port of the Wii U title. Super Mario 3D World. Instead of trying to reach the end of the level and touch the flagpole, the game is similar to Super mario odyssey Exploration and 3D aperture. This guide will show players how they can reach the Cat Shine on the floating island.

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In this entry, Mario and Bowser Jr. must work together to save Bowser from his corruption Fury. To do this, players must unlock the Giga Cat Bell to transform into Giga Cat Mario. Players will encounter Fury Bowser multiple times throughout his Lapcat Lake adventure and he will even serve as an assistant to help Mario reach some of the more challenging Cat Shines. All over the island, players will find Bowser blocks that only Bowser can destroy. This is how players will be able to get to the Cat Shine on the floating island.

How to make the floating island cat shine in Bowser’s Fury

Super Mario 3D World Bowsers Fury Blocks

To get started, players will need to head to Ruins Giga Bell. Here, players will find a large number of Bowser blocks in the corner of a platform. Players can now wait for Fury Bowser to appear or use the Bowser amiibo (if the player has one) to make Fury Bowser appear. Then you will need to destroy the blocks and inside there will be a pipe cannon. Head inside the pipe cannon to reach a floating platform with a boost platform. In the middle of each platform is an invisible floor, allowing you to run up to Cat Shine at the end. Just run around and make sure you grab it before running off the other end. If the player falls, just go back to the pipe cannon and try again.

Bowser’s fury is one of the best bonus content for a Nintendo Switch port of a Wii U title. Other games like Pikmin 3 Y Xenoblade Chronicles provided additional content, but Bowser’s fury turns the game completely upside down. It is one of the best ports so far.

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Bowser’s fury is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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