AEW’s Cody Rhodes is leaving the door open for a possible crossover between AEW and his former WWE employer anytime in the future.

Wrestling fans may one day get their wish to see a cross between WWE and AEW, according to Cody Rhodes.

“There is no reason why there can’t be a possible WWE crossover one day. And I don’t want to say that’s something that’s been discussed or is happening, but none of those rules that exist for other places exist for us. “Rhodes said to the New York Post. “Wrestling is really a universal industry. The territorial reference you made is quite accurate, but the most accurate part was that there was genuine trust.”

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The discussion about a WWE / AEW crossover arose when Rhodes was asked about the influx of talent from NWA, Impact, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Recent episodes of AEW Dynamite They have featured talent from these promotions, with AEW champion Kenny Omega reuniting with his former Bullet Club members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

“I think All inside itself. All inside it’s a show that ROH (Ring of Honor) helped us with that Matt (Jackson), Nick (Jackson), myself did all the work outside of that initial production element and the reason why it was important that all three what we did was we could let all these old rules go away, “said Rhodes.” That is a very dangerous and powerful precedent to set if literally all the bridges and all the gates are torn down. Again, this is all hypothetical, but there is no reason why AEW cannot work with New Japan. We are aware of the outside world. Bullet Club is a big part of our blood at AEW. So there is no reason why we can’t work with New Japan. There is no reason Jacob Fatu can’t step above MLW and stand in front of me in front of the ring. “

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TNT.

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Source: New York Post


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